When I was in high school, college was really built up as this place that was super serious. Everything you do here is going to matter there, and it’s going to be TOUGH, so if you can’t hack it in here, you’re never gonna survive a university, and if you don’t survive a university, you’re never gonna be successful.

Turned out, all of that was wrong.

My high school was academically WAY more rigorous than my college, no one ever for the rest of my life cared about my GPA, and despite graduating with honors I managed not to be successful.

So take THAT, high school.

Twitter knows what I’m talking about.

10. Milkduds

They’ve been in my pocket for a while but I think they’re still good.

9. What a drag

In HS you’re just learning the basics of how it’s SUPPOSED to work, in college you learn the horrors of how it actually does.


8. Strict and scary

When you’re in college, you’re literally going into debt to be in that class.
If you wanna slack off, that’s on you, they don’t care.

7. No joke!

And snapping while driving, which is neat.

6. Put it up

Today we’re going to demonstrate the effects of…um…wind on…whatever, just look at this s**t.

5. The bell

Guess we’ll just wrap up early today.

4. Rawr!

We’re traveling back in time!

3. Trail Mix Attack

PS. if this might kill you, maybe take precautions.

2. Prof sick

I mean, I guess in a certain way they kind of ARE?

1. The Amazing Race

But why are they moving like that?

Class dismissed.

Who was the best or worst college professor you ever had?

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