Everybody’s out here looking for that hustle. But which ones will produce real results?

Let’s go to Reddit to find out.

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by inAskReddit

Here are a few ways YOU might be able to start making some extra cash without submitting to the daily grind.

1. The stock market

do some research on companies you like that are publicly traded and start investing.

You won’t be able to day trade but once you get enough trades going you can start to flip them every few days for 10% gains until you build up enough cash to start investing a little bit more.

But don’t get greedy stick to emotionless trading and stick to 10% gains and never look back.

– Sobegod

2. Online tutoring

I’m currently in school to become a history and geography teacher. So I teach rich people children about history for a good fee. Now I earn enough to play for my rent with it, plus I’m trying my teaching skills before my internship.

Want to finesse the system? Learn maths, there is a huge demand for it.

3. Clothes flipping

met a guy, he used to go to the discount clothing stores like Marshalls and buy every team logo anything he could find, shirts, hats etc then he would go home and list them on ebay, he said team stuff sold best, then, sell for a hefty mark up what he could, and return the rest to the store and resupply, then do it again.

– DistrictPsychedelic

4. Roof checking

I got a DJI mini drone, mainly for fun. But after heavy storms my roof was damaged, so I used my drone to assess the damage. Neighbour saw me, asked me to check theirs, did it for free, but scored a free beer. This planted the seed.

Printed some flyers with details of service. I lead with, ‘don’t walk on roof, you’re more likely to damage it, instead call me for a cheap roof assessment’ I charged $20 (AUD) to fly my drone to roof, snap photos of tiles and gutters, and email them.

Got a ridiculously high callback, I probably assessed 50 houses in the month following my letter drop. It’s been almost 6 months since, and I’m still getting occasional call (2-3 a week), just from word of mouth. I lost interest and didn’t have time so Handed it all over to my younger cousin.

Note – almost everyone had perfectly fine roofs, service was more out of precaution. However to add value, I did point out any defects I could see, like chipped or out of place tiles. Gutters were another story, some people even had plants growing in them…

– bd_magic

5. Sports official

Though you’ll have to work different sports to make it year round.

Most sports are hurting for officials. Do one game every weekday, pull a double header on Sa-Su and you’ll make over $100 a day.

– AlphaTangoFoxtrt

6. Sell art online

My sister self-taught herself how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and a bunch of other apps to create logos for business. She keeps expanding her services every now and then, and she earns good money on the side. Just be aware that there are people out there that will try to price your own hard work with their own flawed logic.

As long as you set a price, don’t show un-watermarked art before being paid, and ask for a deposit in order to guarantee you earning money regardless of the clients backing-out or not, you’ll be good.

– novato1995

7. Dog walking / pet sitting

Charged $25 a day per dog for four hours of hiking, took 12 dogs with me every day at once. $40 per night for overnight pet sitting in the client’s home.

I did it for seven years and cleaned up.

– LivingCakeLife

8. Popping and buffing dents

Met a guy in a parking lot who offered to do the job and had tools with him, came back in 10 and he was done.

Can’t tell there was an issue unless you get close.

– sephstorm

9. Making crafts

Another great way, assuming you’ve got the eye, talent and skill, is pendants. A little copper/gold/silver wire, a few semiprecious stones, a precision drill and patience is all it really takes.

Etsy, flea markets, farmers markets, and local retailers (I’ve found giving one of two eye catching ones away to small retailers who deal with people all day is basically free advertising) are going to be your best bet in terms of making money with these.

Once you’ve got the hang of it you can turn out enough pendants in a couple of hours to pay all of your bills for a month. When I was doing this I was pulling in close to $3,000 a week. The pagan and new age communities love these when made with quartzite and other crystalline minerals. You can expand to earrings as well as they aren’t that different.

– Ok-Friendship-8804

10. Get good at poker

Back on the early days of online poker I could play at tables with really low bet maximums and clear $50 a night almost guaranteed.

People playing where you were literally betting pocket change sucked and would think nothing of throwing money at bad hands so with patience I could grind out a living.

The problem was I would get up by $100 and get annoyed that I could be winning so much more money, i would go find a $20 per hand table….and promptly get run over.

– rodeoclownorgasm

11. Cleaning

I pay a person $100 to clean the pizzeria once a week, they’re there for only a few hours, find a handful of takers and there you go. S**t $100?

Delivery driver makes that in about 4-5 hours.

– rackcityrothey

12. Washer/dryer

Learn to repair motorcycles. Publish short stories and novels. Live for cheap in an RV / van. Be good, honest, and generous.

Money is less important than knowing people who would let you crash on their couch if you needed it, so if you are that person to other people then you’re rich.

Also get a business cards and help people at every opportunity.

– WriterFreelance

13. College garbage service

i thought of a new business idea recently: picking up the garbage bags from college students in dorms.

Some campuses only have one huge dumpster in the center and it’s far af for the people who live in the back of campus.

I could see someone easily charging $25 to come get the bags 3x a week. all you’d need is 30 customers to make $100 a day.

– banoodlebamboozle

14. Be a snitch

There used to be an app that let you take pictures of drivers on their phones including their front license plate and you got paid for submitting them to the police.

I stood on the street corner in S.F. at the freeway exit and just took pics of people at the off ramp light. Easy 7-10 people every light cycle and pulled in $5 each.

Each driver would get a ticket for distracted driving and I paid a month’s rent in less than half a day.

– ambermage

Well, get out there and hustle, I guess!

What’s another cool way to make that $?

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