Marriage is a pretty big step. One of the biggest you can take in life, according to most people. Once you’ve taken that step, you might find yourself in a whole new world.

Which could cause you to reflect on just where you’ve come from before this moment. Was it a good place? Was I ready? These are questions the betrothed often find themselves asking.

Here are a few anonymous confessions about what some people regret not doing before marriage.

10. Loving yourself

That’s a big thing for anyone to learn how to do.

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9. Knowing better

Did you just meet him at the church or something?

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8. Exploration

There’s no going back to then, your choices are in the now.

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7. Having a baby

Hard when you’re at such different stages of life.

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6. Lost weight

Ain’t that the eternal struggle for all of us though.

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5. Financial stability

It really goes a very long way.

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4. Gettin’ frisky

How can you even know you’ll be compatible?

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3. Getting that degree

Where would I go from here?

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2. Not saying no

Better to have loved and lost?

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1. Mental health

It’s a long, hard road.

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You never really know where life is going to take you. Regrets are understandable, but the important thing is that we not allow them to take over our lives in the here and now.

Do you have any big pre-relationship regrets?

Tell us about them in the comments.