That’s the best you could come up with?

How pathetic!

But we all know that people can give pretty weak excuses for cheating on their partners.

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That hurts.

““It’s like if you order the same subway sandwich for a year, eventually you’re gonna get bored of it. But you try another flavour and when you go back to the original one it’s better than you remembered.”

Felt not so good being compared to a 6 inch BLT.”


“”She was prettier than you, what did you expect?”

We were engaged and had been dating for 3 years.”


“”You know that I’m bis**ual. So I have to be poly too, otherwise it’s just not fair.”

What she said when I caught her f**king other men. I’m also a man.”

One big lie.

“Told me his mom had cancer so he needed some space.

His best friends told me that was a lie.

Later found out he was starting a new relationship during that time.”


“”You can’t have children anymore so I just slept with your friend to get pregnant.

I was hoping that once you found out you’d stay with me and raise the kid – you’re such a good dad.”

Wait… Did you say dumbest or meanest?”

Down the drain.

“My 3 months pregnant girlfriend cheated on me with a coworker.

After I broke up with her she then punched me in the face 4 times, since apparently I was the a**hole in that scenario.

Never got a reason from her as to why she did it though.”

Got bored.

“Long long time ago, when I was still a teen.

There was a group of us hanging out. I had to go do something. Was gone a couple hours.

Came back and everyone had left and she was f**king a friend. Her reasoning was “We got bored waiting for you to get back.”””

It’s a genetic thing.

““My dad cheated on my mom so it’s a curse.”

After he told me how much he h**ed his dad for hurting his mother repeatedly. “

Great excuse.

“”I tend to get bored with someone after a few months.”

I later found out that she cheated on someone else with me and had been emotionally cheating on him and me the whole time (had others on the side).

Some people are just not trustworthy.”

So far away.

“”Long distance is really hard”

I lived an hour away.”

You dodged a bullet.

““You didn’t give me enough attention” we went on dates 3/4 Friday’s and Saturdays in the month

“I’m just not in this anymore” after cheating on me twice in 3 months and then leaving for the guy

“We didn’t have boundaries” she never brought up a single problem in the relationship and when I asked when I thought something may be amiss, not a a word

“My childhood emotional trauma was triggered by your panic attacks. The panic attacks that started the weeks when I cheated and your dad d**d”.

Enough said.”

Not true.

““You were neglecting me”

I literally beg you to come out and have fun with me.

And each time you gave me some excuse about how important other non important things were.”

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