Pretty much every school out there has a scandalous story that made students, faculty, and parents talk about it years after it took place…and a lot of those stories involve a teacher getting fired for one crazy reason or another.

And today we’re gonna get a whole bunch of those stories from people on AskReddit.

Let’s take a look!


“Dude was a social studies teacher, he was also the girls swim team coach.

One day in class he connected his computer to the projector but he clicked the wrong file and instead of whatever video he intended to show the class a video of the girls swim team using the schools showers was presented instead.

There was a girl from the swim team in the class when it happened. Dude got canned and taken out of the school by the local PD.”

On thin ice.

“He kicked a volleyball out of anger and it bounced off of a girl’s face doing some damage.

He was already on thin ice though after doing something that really should have got him fired immediately – he shot a student’s dog in retaliation after the students dog k**led his dog (the student and the teacher lived in the same neighborhood and both dogs were loose at the time the teacher’s dog was originally k**led).

The big problem was that the dog that was shot was on a leash and being walked by the kid at the time. This was in the early 90’s in south TX.”

Time to leave.

“My History teacher’s son had an illness. I’m not sure what but it was terminal. He needed more time off to be with him and his family.

Apparently he had used his allotted vacation/sick time up already and the school board wouldn’t approve any more. So he just left. Can no longer be employed in the district because of it I heard. Everybody loved him too. One of the few teachers who really cared about his job and his students.

The lady they brought in to replace him did nothing wrong but nobody could truly replace him. The whole class dropped about 5 points in grade because of it. I missed him a lot because he was one of the few teachers I ever tried to really impress.”

Uh oh…

“He showed us Pulp Fiction in history class and forgot to take out the tape when returning AV equipment.”

In your face.

“Biology teacher was fired when the principal saw how a student yelled and threw a test in the teacher’s face.

The teacher already had some clashes with school authorities so they used that situation to fire her because “she didnt show authority over the students”.

A few years later I entered a bakery store and there was my old teacher she was the owner of the store, happy and her employees spoked very well about her.”

This is unreal.

“An ex grew up in a tiny, nowhere town in Wyoming. One day they got a long lunch recess and their teacher was walked out to a car with some people in suits and military clothes.

It turns out he switched dog tags with someone k**led in Vietnam and the d**d soldiers parents went to the military when their son didn’t call or visit.

He had hidden in one of the most isolated places in the US and it took enough time for him to finish a degree and get a job.”

Crazy story.

“He rubbed his pants zipper against a girl’s desk and said “you like that, don’t you?”

Then he sued the school and won, so they were forced to give him his job back. His name was Irvan, so his nickname became Irv the Perv.”

Not coming back.

“She went on vacation to the Caribbean and decided to not come back.

Don’t blame her.

It was a bit odd having a “substitute” for more than half of the year though.”

A complete a**hole.

“For being a sh**ty person and an even worse teacher. She was a complete a**hole to students and parents and she was even worse to the other members of the faculty.

My mom was also a teacher at the school and she told me horror stories about this woman. She would confront other staff and verbally abuse and belittle middle school aged kids in front of other students. She even cursed out the other teachers in a staff meeting when they confronted her about her behavior.

She was walked out by the vice principal in front of everyone in the cafeteria. The entire student body applauded.”

Didn’t go very well.

“Burned an American flag in the classroom to illustrate free speech. She was a language arts teacher.

Aside from the groups of people that would be upset by that, she also straight up lit a fire in the classroom.”

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