The older you get, the more weddings you go to.

Your friends and family members get married and you kind of become an old hand at it. And with that experience, you also see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And you also see the AWKWARD.

What’s the most cringeworthy thing you’ve seen a couple do on their wedding day?

Here’s what folks had to say on AskReddit.

1. A terrible idea.

“They sang their vows to each other.

Neither had a singing voice.

Vows were generally bat sh*t crazy, like submissive in the bedroom, and not asking about where she was going.

The autotune microphones were a terrible idea.

Their vow songs shared a chorus and it was awful and they expected the guests to sing along with the chorus.

The vows singing lasted 20 minutes.

Pure cringe.”

2. A trashy affair.

“My friend got pregnant at 20 with a piece of sh*t guy so they got married.

It was me, our friend, her mom and then just the two of them.. they got married in some random lady’s house, we sat on computer chairs in a small living room with the ladies dogs sniffing us and barking. The whole thing lasted maybe 5 or 10 minutes.

After we proceeded to take wedding pictures in the parking lot of a Dollar Store and then we got McDonald’s. I made a little bouquet out of some ferns and leaves that were in the McDonald’s parking lot, she threw the bouquet and it ended up getting run over by someone going to the drive thru.

Lol needless to say, it was a trashy affair and their marriage didn’t last long.”

3. Third time’s a charm.

“When I was 11 my cousin got married for the third time.

I never really liked her because A.) She was 37 when I was 11, we didn’t have a lot in common and B.) She was pretty full of herself. The wedding itself was fine, pretty boring but fine. Then we get to the reception.

We were told we had to sit down as soon as we got there, some people found it weird but I’ve only been to one other wedding before this (her other marriages were when I was little, no kids were allowed at her weddings) so I didn’t think anything of it.

The Bride and Groom then make a huge dramatic entrance and everyone awkwardly clapped for them as they strutted around the room with actual crowns on their heads. The Bride then gets the microphone and hands it to her mom and asks her to say something she loves about the bride.

She then tells her mom to pass it on and says she wants EVERYONE in the room to say one thing they absolutely love about the bride. Not the bride and groom, not their relationship, just the bride herself. It was super awkward.”

4. That’s way too much.

“They reenacted a scene from an old romantic film, about two lovers in 1800s.

In front of like 300 people.”

5. Sounds amazing.

“It’s a tie between my sister breaking her knee (seriously) at her own wedding dancing to Cotton Eyed Joe and my stepsister having her reception at an honest to god truck stop while 6 months pregnant.

In her defense, the food was good but WOW was it weird walking through a gas station in formal wear.”

6. Pledge your allegiance.

“At the beginning of the reception, we all had to stand up and sing the national anthem.

To be clear, this was in another country I’d never been to a wedding in before, so I thought “ok maybe this is just a tradition I’ve never heard of before here!” Then I told this to other people, and they were all like “no, that’s just really weird.”

Also, at that wedding the father of the groom ended his speech with what I’m sure he thought was an amazing joke, on how it’s easier to build a bridge to Hawaii than to understand what a woman is thinking.

It would have been awkward enough had the man not also been standing between his ex and current wife as he was delivering it.”

7. Sounds like a hoot.

“Serve macaroni and cheese only to the bridal party. Everyone else got mashed potatoes.

I was a hostess so I got macaroni and cheese, after tasting it there was no way in hell they would’ve broken the bank preparing enough for everyone.

It was just really tacky because people were asking for it and I told them I didn’t know much about it I am just following directions.”

8. Freedom!

“Bride entered to Braveheart soundtrack blasting on boom box. Civil service that lasted a few minutes starting at around 1 pm.

She leaves to same blasting Braveheart soundtrack. The mother announces that the reception starts at 5:30 pm. There is no food and no bar, but trays of dessert bars will be served. We are also told the venue is locked until then so there is no place to wait!

My girlfriend and I leave with a crowd of people to across the street to an Irish pub for drinks. A bit of a party breaks out there. We all get told to knock it off and come wait back at the venue in the hall. So we sit in the hall on the carpet for a few hours without drinks or dinner.

Bride and groom arrive and enter the venue to an “honour guard” of floor hockey players wearing hockey jerseys and holding sticks above their heads like swords at a royal wedding. More Braveheart music of course.

Place emptied out pretty quick as people either left to go back to the pub or to the fast food place a bit further away. Our dinner was lemon squares and a can of Coke from a vending machine in the lobby.

Funny stuff.”

9. Cringeworthy.

“The bride decided to sing as she walked down the aisle.

She was not a particularly talented singer, and she was singing over a Carrie Underwood song so we could all hear the original vocal track.

She finished walking about halfway through the song and then stood there and sang the rest of the song at the groom and all we could do was sit there and watch.”

10. Total disaster.

“They began the wedding with the groom playing an out of tune guitar and singing to the bride.

They were sitting on chairs in front of everyone, legit 400 people, and the bride was clearly uncomfortable which made everyone else uncomfortable. That wedding also included a foot washing ceremony, and when the bride put her shoes back on she tripped on her dress and fell flat on her face.

They hadn’t done the vows yet and the ceremony stopped for 20 minutes to deal with the nosebleed she gave herself.”

11. Over before it started.

“Bride shows up almost 2 hours late to her own wedding. Southern California in an open field no water no shade.

She shows up and wants to get married in her yoga outfit. The groom shut it down and when she refused to change her clothes the groom decided to leave her looking stupid and they never got married.

I spoke with my uncle and it turns out he had speculation that his fiancé was sleeping with her personal trainer. When she showed up in her yoga outfit it was all he needed to call off the wedding. She ended up married to her personal trainer and divorced again.”

12. Bizarre.

“The ceremony also was the “Name Reveal”.

They changed their last name because they didn’t want to be stuck to their heritage and didn’t want anything to hold them back.

Turns out they changed their name thinking they could erase their mountains of debt or at least hide from it. Turns out you can’t live under two legal identities….”

13. Livin’ that vape life.

“Instead of throwing rice (or confetti, or sprinkles, or anything like that) the bride and groom asked their friends to save all their empty Juul pods and throw those as they walked down the aisle.

The friends obliged.”

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