I was not lucky enough to be at this event, but my mom still talks about a wedding she went to in the mid-1990s that was…not the classiest thing she’s ever been to in her life.

I won’t get into the nitty-gritty details, but it sounds like it was pretty hilarious and painful and I wish I could’ve been there.

Bottom line: a lot of weird things go down at weddings.

AskReddit users talked about embarrassing and awkward things they’ve seen couples do when they got married.

1. Sounds like a great day.

“Long ago I worked at a banquet hall and witnessed a fully NASCAR themed wedding.

During the reception they played the audio of the proposal going out over the PA at the track. It was fully unintelligible. BZZT GABBAGBGA MRRRY MEZZZZZ RROOOOOWWWVROOOM.

Other highlights were the owner locking himself in his office to avoid the bride’s father because he was threatening him to haggle on the costs.

In the end we had to call the police because the bride in gown climbed over the bar to steal more sweet sweet MGD after we had closed the taps and the event was over.”

2. Awkward.

“I was a photographer for a wedding where the bride was marrying a man with two kids from a previous relationship.

I was in the bridal suite when the bridal party was getting ready and all of the bridesmaids had matching silk robes. The flower girl (groom’s daughter) was there too.

They asked me to take a group photo of the bridal party and one of the women in a silk robe was standing awkwardly to the side. I thought she was just shy or something so I waved her into the photo and the room got DEAD silent and the bride was like “oh no, we don’t want her in the photos” and glared at me like I should’ve known that!

Apparently she was the groom’s ex wife and was there to take care of the flower girl but WHY DID YOU GIVE HER A MATCHING BRIDESMAID ROBE!

I wanted to crawl in a hole and die.”

3. Don’t drag us into this.

“At my cousin’s wedding, they did the thing where the groom removes the bride’s garter and tosses it to all the single guys.

I guess none of the guys wanted to be next to be married, because once the groom tossed the garter, no one grabbed it. It just landed on the ground a few feet in front of a crowd of motionless guys.

The groom tossed the garter 3 times before one guy halfheartedly picked it off the ground. The bride wouldn’t look at any of those guys for the rest of the night.”

4. A great speech.

“My uncle not only brought up his daughters ex boyfriend in his speech but talked about their toxic relationship for a solid 5 minutes.

I highly recommend preparing a speech before talking in front of a room full of people.”

5. All kinds of good stuff.

“Groom changed who his “Best Man” was and didn’t tell the original BM until the start of the ceremony.

Bride & Groom asked a guest to bartend the reception AT the reception.

Groom “dirty danced” with his step-mom (full hands on *ss).

Bride & Groom hauled their wedding party up to do a choreographed dance to Meatloaf’s ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Lights’ but didn’t give them any pre-warning or teach them the dance. That song is 8.5 minutes long.

Wedding was at a scenic boarding school campus during the summer. Guests were told dormitories were complimentary to stay in. Guests were not told there would be no bedding provided or A/C in the building. Groom later emailed everyone who stayed in a dorm asking for money.

Same Bride & Groom chose another friend’s wedding reception as the right setting to yell at a 3rd pair of mutual friends for not including them in their wedding party.”

6. Weird.

“Requiring every attendee to bring a date because she didn’t want “sad, lonely people on her day”.

Not my friends luckily but pretended to be a friend’s date because she really wanted to see her cousin get married.”

7. A sad day.

“Potluck wedding with no alcohol or music.

Groom kept showing people his flask and bragging about it.

Macaroni was only redeamable thing, but when I went to scoop there was hair in it.

Very sad.”

8. Someone wants to talk to you.

“Dated a girl in my 20s and went to her friend’s wedding in upstate New York.

In the middle of the service the minister’s cell phone rang, he answered, it was God, God wanted to talk to the groom, conversation lasted a couple minutes, then the ceremony continued.”

9. Classy!

“The groom and all groomsmen were wearing tuxedos and baseball hats.

The groom had a dip of tobacco in during the wedding.

And the cake was designed like a can of Copenhagen.”

10. That’s kind of creepy.

“The minister used to date the bride and gushed about how wonderful she was.

Told the groom if he ever died not to worry, he’d take care of her. I was shell shocked.

I so wished I could think of a reason to ask the couple for a copy of the video of their wedding but couldn’t quite find a legit one.”

11. The look of defeat.

“The bride got drunk and sat on some other dude’s lap for two hours and flirted with him while the groom sat by himself at the head table with a defeated look on his face.”

12. Bridezilla.

“I worked as a wedding videographer.

This is the only Bridezilla I encountered in ten years. This girl was so self centered she kept everyone waiting at her outdoor ceremony for more than an hour while she was pampered in the makeup chair.

While she’s having them redo this and touch up that, she’s sort of making up her wedding vows in a very relaxed, casual manner completely inappropriate for the hundred people sweating under full summer sun waiting on her.

Her aunt came in and very gently reminded her people were waiting on her and that it’s been more than an hour and she threw a tantrum, screaming, “I feel like everyone’s forgetting this is MY DAY!!!”

Eventually she comes out, “vows” are lame and borderline incoherent, and one of the groomsmen, sweltering under coat and vest and shirt and sun, passes out from heat exhaustion.

The officiant whispers to ask the couple if they should stop and make sure he’s okay and she goes, “Nah, he’s just being dramatic, keep going!”

As the couple is headed back up the aisle, an ambulance can be seen arriving to tend to the poor overheated groomsman.”

13. Tips from an old pro.

“I’m in the wedding industry. I’ve been to over 3,000 weddings.

The singing-your-vows thing is never ever going to work out like you think it will. Never sing your vows. Never attempt to sing any part of your wedding. It will not go as you visualized it.

A wedding day is not a good time for surprises. Don’t surprise your bride with an unexpected part of the ceremony. Don’t surprise your mom by the wedding itself (true story… the bride told her mom she was going to an engagement dinner). The only exception to this rule is if you give the bride a surprise addition to her ring – grandma’s diamond, a ring made from her parents’ rings, etc..

Jokes about s*x later are never funny. They make people uncomfortable, and it makes you look like an adolescent. There will always be crickets after you make the joke.

If you are going to be late, communicate that to EVERYONE somehow. Have your SO, or your parents, or someone tell everyone you will be late. The staff needs to know, especially.

If you forget the rings, don’t stress it. It’s a funny story. If you forget your vows, wing it as best you can (just don’t sing). Ask the officiant for help for last-minute vows.

Finally, don’t get drunk and be an *ss. You don’t want to be that guy. Plus, if you are drunk, you won’t be able to have s*x later!”

How about you?

Have you seen any weird stuff go down at weddings?

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