Depending on how sensitive a person is, words can cut very deep and can be incredibly hurtful.

And all of us have been insulted in horrible ways at one point or another.

What’s the most screwed-up thing that someone ever said to you?

Check out what AskReddit users said about this.


“I’ve shared this one before. I was adopted when I was three. My mother has always been very supportive and a wonderful person, but my dad had a drinking problem and overall was a bit of a s**tty person.

When my mom got pregnant, I was 7, and I remember my dad telling me he was so excited to “finally have his own and first son”. There was always favoritism, and in the current day, he and I don’t even talk.

I love my brother to d**th and hold no ill will but our father should have been better.”

Suck it up.

“My husband d**d suddenly when I was 35.

There’s a picture of me at the visitation standing in front of his urn with my brothers arm around my shoulders while I cried.

My friend said “I love that picture of your brother supporting you.” I said “Yeah, that’s when he told me to suck it up and stop crying.””

Dear old Dad.

“”I don’t love you, or care about you. I only love your sister.”

Honorable mentions: ” I hope you never make it into college ” ” I hope you have to work a grueling schedule for the rest of your life”

Thanks Dad.”


“I had a very complicated pregnancy.

I found out at 4 months(crazy, I know). I was extremely high risk, and my FIL was asking my husband what he’d do if it he had to choose me or the baby.

Before hubby could answer, my MIL pipes up with “Well, if it’s her or the baby save the baby you can find a better mother.” I WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE.

Husband lost it.”


“My mom married my stepdad when I was four and we moved out to my step-grandmother’s ranch to work it.

When I was seven, I was told to help my nine year old cousin learn about what to do. He whined and bitched about everything he has to do the entire time.

I told my stepdads mother about him ‘not being too excited’ about it.

“Well, he’s the oldest, so this ranch will be his someday.” She’d said.

I’m seven, I don’t know how shit works so I ask, “So I’ll be working for Brad here someday?”

“No. You’re going to be a priest. There’s no other use for b**tard children.” Was her answer.”


“To me and my wife.

We went over for Christmas 10 years ago, my dad was so drunk that they couldn’t stand up. He asked if he could hold our six month old child to which we said no. My mom who was not as drunk walked over about two minutes later and asked to hold the baby. We said okay to that and she immediately turned around and handed our baby to my overly d**nk dad.

A week later we get together with just us and them and tell them if they drink like that around our kids again, we won’t be coming to family events. My mom looked straight at my wife and said “all the problems in this family are because of you.”

My wife being taken by surprise by that stuttered her next words and before she could get it out, my mom did that “to-to-today” mock. Needless to say we got up and walked out of their house.”

What a jerk.

“I was basically bedridden after an accident left me in constant, debilitating pain..my ex screamed in my face to “just d** already” but apparently Im remembering it wrong and it wasnt that big of a deal.”


“I was 11 and it was my first group sleepover.

One of the girls told me she would shove a pair of high heels so far up my v**ina that I’d never be able to have children.

She also threw my teddy against the wall and it’s eye popped out!”


“”My life would have been so much better if you had just d**d too.”

My twin d**d at birth.

It may be true, but no kid needs to hear that.”

Good Lord.

“To k**l myself when I was 9, at a family reunion, by a 45 year old auntie.

I asked my mom about it earlier and got more context. She was disappointed that I was half white, hadn’t skipped a grade and that made me “a disgrace to the black half of the family.”

She had apparently called her after the whole ordeal.”


“”It shouldn’t’ve been your dad. It should’ve been you. It should’ve been you.”

Said repeatedly by my mother, both d**nk and sober, after my father’s d**th. I think I looked too much like him for her.”


“My ex-husband while we were still married: I don’t find you s**ually attractive anymore.

I was eight months pregnant with our second child. We were in the middle of making love.

My ex-husband again: Fast forward a year. I am still nursing my baby girl when he tells me, “Lose weight or I want a divorce.”

I am 5’5″ and weighed 135 lbs when he said that to me, which is exactly ten pounds more than I weighed on our wedding day.”

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