There are some games we all grew up playing, but you kinda wonder why?

I mean, lots of them weren’t fun. When was the last time you played monopoly and didn’t end up hating your entire family? It’s never happened.

Maybe that’s why some people end up making their own rules.

What is an extra rule your family added to a popular board or card game?
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Here are a few suggestions from Reddit on how you can switch up your next game night.

1. Clue

Once the killer has been discovered, and it’s one of the pieces in play, the game becomes a chase.

The remaining player turns are rolls to get out of the mansion through the doors in the Hall.

The killer tries to catch the remaining pieces and kill them.

Secret passages only work if you roll even numbers in that room.

The killer rolls twice per turn and cannot use secret passages.

– Learn1Thing

2. Scrabble

The person who can make the longest word goes first, highest points breaks a tie.

This makes the game more fun by ensuring there are lots of places to play your letters.

– mimlitsch

3. Monopoly

Literally ANYTHING goes in monopoly.

Whatever business deals you make in monopoly are valid e.g. paying some insurance each round so that if you land on their rent properties you are immune.

– Dalbro2001

4. Monopoly, rule 2

Late to the party here but in Monopoly we allow the utilities to collect 5% of any player to player transaction over $200.

It helps keep the utilities relevant and desirable.

– DenverBronco

5. Coop games

In every coop game (Pandemic, Castle Panic, whatever), there is usually someone who tries to tell everyone what to do. I can accidentally be this person.

So, I implemented the “right hand man” rule.

IF the person whose turn it is want advice (IF), they can only get it from the person on their right. Nobody else can say anything.

Makes things way more enjoyable.

– ThrowAwayTheTeaBag

6. Trouble

Unfortunately, with the wife and son, we only have three players.

Four players makes it even more fun, so we have a fourth player we call “Bob.”

Bob gets the last turn in the cycle. Someone rolls for Bob, and then the three of us agree on what Bob’s best move is.

It’s especially fun when you have to agree that Bob’s best move is to take out one of your own pieces.

– LockjawTheOgre

7. Trivial Pursuit

if the player being asked doesn’t know the answer, they can ask the room. The room doesn’t actually answer, but they say whether they know the answer or not.

If nobody knows the answer, it’s considered an invalid question, and another card gets drawn instead. (if someone in the room does know, but the player being asked doesn’t, then it’s just a plain old “pass”)

My Dad knows a lot of stuff … I mean, a LOT. When he was a kid he read the Encyclopaedia Britannica for fun. Basically, the rule was born from, “If even Dad doesn’t know the answer, then nobody does and it’s a terrible question.”

– xenchik

8. Scrabble, rule 2

At the end of scrabble you make up a story with all the words on the board.

We never looked at the tiles for scores, we just played to get the best words on the board.

– blupidibla

9. Scrabble, rule 3

My flat mates and I had “double points if you can use it as a funny word for genitals in a sentence” in Scrabble rule.

Flaps, minge, twat, boobahs, tinkle etc.

– not-fond-of-arugula

10. Settlers of Catan

When you roll a 7 or play a knight, you have to move the robber, but you can move it back to the desert and claim any resource you want from the “bank”.

If you know, you know.

– captain_craisins

11. Monopoly, rule 3

Every time dad farted everybody else got $100. Monopoly.

Small compensation for the nasal assault.

Love Dad but Jesus he smells like something crawled up his a**e and died.

– sweepyslick

12. Carcassonne

I always play where everyone draws a tile at the end of their turn, so they have everyone else’s turns to consider what to do with it.

One fun rule to occasionally play with is starting with three tiles and drawing when you place one.

– [user deleted]

13. Risk

We added a path from Madagascar to Western Australia because we thought, since every other continent has more than 1 border to defend, it was a bit OP for Australia to only have 1 point of entry.

– AnInternettRando

14. Illuminati

When we played the card game Illuminati we somehow ended up making it a rule that when you laid a card down you had to say “I know this will surprise you but the X control the Y”.

And sometimes it was just so mismatched we’d be all “actually yes. This does surprise me.”

– mesembryanthemum

15. The timing rule

One rule used for many board games: If someone takes too long with his/her move, anyone can fetch the 3-min hourglass from the shelf and set it on the table. once the time runs out, the move is over, regardless of.

Another rule for Scrabble: Any word is valid if you can find it in any book in our library within three minutes.

– Treczoks

Game on!

Do you have any special game rules?

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