Man. The 2000’s. You really just had to be there. And if you weren’t there, I guess that means you can’t even like, drive yet, so most of this is definitely not gonna make sense to you.

But for those of us who saw that glorious dawning of a new millennium, especially those of us who came of age in it, there’s just a certain patina that will never wash off.

Let’s take a stroll through memory lane with these tweets, shall we?

10. Came in like a wrecking ball

Then: oh man, she’s so hot!



9. It was lit

I worked at Blockbuster just before they went out of business.

Favorite day job I’ve ever had in my life.

8. That’s a stretch

If it was bright and moved around weird, it was in high demand.

7. The parachute

Providing seconds upon seconds of non-panicked fun.


6. Dystopian young-adult fiction

One of the most weirdly specific genres to ever emerge.

5. You’re watching Disney

And you’re probably never gonna stop.

4. Don’t talk back

The app that was in some ways ahead of its time, and in others just a disaster.


3. It’s called fashion, sweaty

I can smell all of this.

2. Living the dream

Those full keyboard PDA’s seemed like such a natural choice but in retrospect were kinda garbage.

1. Living in images

Wait, how old is The Fault in Our Stars?


…my God.


Man, I’m practically bursting with memories now. I should probably see a doctor about that.

What’s your favorite memory of the 2000’s?

Tell us in the comments.