A little while back I woke up, stretched a little weird, and hurt my leg so bad that I couldn’t walk right for days.

It was at that exact moment I was reminded: a) I’m not a kid anymore and b) our bodies are weird and fragile as heck.

But I’m not alone in this conundrum.

The people of Twitter were more than happy to let us all know their tales of weird hurt. Here are just a few.

11. The big sleep

It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy.

10. Happy birthday!

I’m sure she didn’t mean it.

9. Food fight!

Man, everything in New England is just so much more intense.

8. Bless you


7. It’s time to stop posting

Mom did warn us that we’d hurt ourselves from looking at these screens so much.

6. Put it on my tab

Did…did the x-ray technicians not know what soda was?

5. My spidey sense is tingling

One time a spider descended in front of my face while I was driving and I hit a road sign.

Idk how I’m alive, to be honest.

4. Another spider one

Ok seriously this is not doing my arachnophobia any favors.

3. Good morning to you!

It’s that special snap crackle pop that makes the morning great.

2. Lego strikes again

Can’t make it up.

1. Thumbs down

Well yeah, I mean, priorities.

And there we have it. The truth hurts. So does everything else.

What’s your dumbest injury?

Tell us in the comments.