Well, that’s…toxic.

Uh oh…that doesn’t sound good, does it?

Definitely not!

But it’s good to learn about signs of toxic relationships so you can keep your eyes open.

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Get out.

“If you have to wait until your S/O is in a “good mood” to bring up a problem you have in the relationship (get out ASAP).

God, I wish someone had told me this before my last relationship. I learned the hard way that there’s really no winning in this scenario:

You bring something up when the time feels right to say it. They freak out, throw a tantrum, and make your life a living hell for multiple days.

You bring up something when you feel they’re in a good mood. The resulting freakout is slightly less than before, but now their upset at you for “ruining their day”.

You don’t bring up things at all: The issues slowly build up until your mental and physical health is in the absolute gutter. You break down and bawl your eyes out while explaining the issue to them because the pain of holding it inside is almost worse than anything they could say to you.

In the end, they tell you to work on your communication, and say that you bottling up your issues is “just as bad” as them throwing a tantrum, so you “both have your issues”. They change absolutely nothing.

When you bring up issues early like they suggested, they throw a tantrum, and the whole cycle starts over again.”


“If you find yourself putting in more effort more often into the relationship.

Whenever you bring up some issues your having they make you feel bad for sharing how you feel.

They weaponize s**.”


“Constantly being accused of cheating.

I would bring up a guy friend or a coworker and all of a sudden he’d think I’m f**king them.”

Living in fear.

“Based on personal experience… when you have to walk on eggshells because you’re worried about how how they might react.”


“Fighting in public.

This one irks me to no end.

If you’re constantly bickering when you’re out shopping or out with friends, please know that everyone who has to hear it f**king hates you.”

No validation.

“Your feelings are being invalidated.

“You got mad at that?” when you say you’re upset by something that they did.”

A huge one.

“Lack of friends on one side.

I’ve known a couple people, who one of them wouldn’t be “allowed” to have friends.

Their only friends were the friends of their partner.

Massive red flag.”

Sounds terrible.

“My uncle has to call the cops on his wife because their arguments get out of control, and she’s constantly accusing him and my mom (her brother) of stuff.

He’s not allowed to have ANYTHING in her house, has to ask for permission to be in her house, and other ridiculous s**t. But he won’t divorce her even though he has plenty of evidence money to f**k her over in court.”


“Extremely long Facebook posts about their relationships.

Not being able to be themselves around their Significant Other

Not letting them be around their friends without them being there.”

Ignoring each other.

“When they are at a restaurant together and both of them are on the phone for the entire diner.

And no, I don’t mean some cute elderly couples who check their phone for messages from their grandchildren, I mean couples who actively ignore each other and both seem pi**ed about the fact that they are spending time together.”

Non-stop lies.


Deceit is the root of all evil.

Deception. Hiding things.

Finding out your partner was convicted of crimes and lied about it, or cheated in a horrific way and lied about it, lived a double life, etc.

It causes a breakup in 100% of relationships involving untruths.

Learning you’ve been conned or lied to for years – it’s not salvageable.”


“They’re extremely negative and critical all of the time and they never offer anything positive to a discussion. This also extends to them never being happy for you in any way.

E.g., getting good grades at school or a job promotion at work.”

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