Oh, you like to spend time on your yacht...?

I see…

Is that a big giveaway that someone has loads of cash, or what?

I think you know where I’m going with this…

Now check out what AskReddit users had to say about hobbies they think only rich folks have.

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1. In Sweden…

“In Sweden it’s tennis.

Even though tennis isn’t super expensive, that’s where all the millionaires/their kids are.”

2. Wow.

“I work for Porsche.

Many clients have racetrack memberships where they garage their cars and have track days. $80-90k initiation fee, $10k annual fee for some memberships.”

3. Good one.

“My neighbor is a yachtsman who makes a middle class living racing rich people’s yachts.

So, I would say hiring people to indulge your hobbies is about as 1 percent as one can get.”

4. Out of touch.

“I heard a polo player once complain that not many young people played the sport, he said: you only need 5 horses, your parents can buy them.

Haven’t heard someone that out of touch with reality often…”

5. Where do you “summer”?


Only rich people will ask another person where they “summer”.”

6. Wildly wealthy.

“A friend of ours got a wildly expensive cappuccino machine from his wife for Christmas.

She didn’t think there was room for it in their huge gourmet kitchen, so they had a whole coffee station with cabinets and drawers and a built in mini fridge and marble countertops installed in the adjoining breakfast area.

This was all because they “got tired of driving to Starbucks twice a day”.

Oh, and they sent us home with an XBox One the other night because they just bought whatever the new one is (X?) and “had no use” for it.

Lol, nicest people, just wildly wealthy.”

7. Investing.

“We had a meet and greet with a new executive at my company and she told us one of her hobbies is “investing in real estate.””

8. The boating life.

“Bartender here.

Two very cute girls from outta town sat at my bar. Equally cute guy walks in. Immediately buys them drinks. His opener was “so how often do you gals boat” .

They were from Philly. When he said that I couldn’t not smirk at it. He also tipped me like 130 dollars for 3 Jameson cokes.”

9. Up in the air.

“Friend of a friend is stupid rich, emphasis on stupid.

Guy famously decided to learn to fly one day so he bought a new plane, and not a cheap one. Apparently he got it into his head that the plane would be better with a new wiring system, so he had it rewired, to the tune of an extra 60 grand or more.

Then he started the process to get his pilot’s license and found out that he’s color blind (I think it was), so he just gave up the idea and sold the plane at a huge loss. Didn’t blink an eye.”

10. Big money.

“High-end auctions at places like Sotheby’s and Christies.

Nothing says “excess wealth” like paying 6 figures for an antique salt shaker to add to your already inexplicably large collection of antique salt shakers.”

11. You’re right.

“In Germany we have a saying: if you play golf, you’re too poor for horses. you buy horses if you are to poor for sailing. If you are sailing youre propably too poor for jets and motoryachts.

Historic Motorsports is also a good indicator for wealth (especially F1).”

12. Weird people.

“I used to work catering at thoroughbred horse auctions.

I live in KY so these people are completely bonkers for horses. Saw a few go for over 12mil. I actually saw a woman walk up to one while they were grooming it, drop to her knees, and weep at its beauty.

Horse people are the absolute weirdest. They live and breathe these animals and it’s completely insane. Unrelated, but funny, that woman got kicked pulling that same move a week later.

She’s fine, but there were about a million signs the next day saying basically these are massive animals and if you wanna f**k around and find out it’s not on us. That one cracked me up.”

13. This is crazy.

“Not really a hobby but I worked for a “boutique private doctor company” that catered to the very rich. Membership fee, 40K a year per person (not including their insurance) and these are just some of the things that are included.

You have a medical team, your primary, a nurse, cardiologist, OBGYN, physical therapist, nutritionist, etc just for you

Need an appointment for anything, they will work around your schedule

Yearly check up, 2 hrs with your primary Dr and your medical team at the clinic or your house. They craft a yearly wellness plan for you and track it monthly

Lab work? In-House (at the clinic) or at your house. The nurse will call you within 24 hours with the results and explain them to you in great detail

You have your Dr’s mobile # and email address and you can reach out to them 24/7 with questions or concerns

Are you traveling domestically or internationally? They will provide you with top tier Dr’s where ever you are or have your personal Dr. and nurse fly out.

Are you having a medical emergency? Your Dr. and nurse will meet you at the ER and have a private room ready for you with a specialist if needed

Don’t feel like going to the Dr’s office, they will go where ever you are

Insurance or billing questions? You don’t worry, they will navigate that for you.

Clients? Celebrities, politicians, CEOs, the 1%.”

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