Do you know someone who made such a bad decision that they ruined their life in an instant?

It’s sad…but it definitely happens…

And today we’re gonna get a whole bunch of stories from AskReddit users about this.

Let’s take a look!

Holy s**t.

“In college, my ex’s friend was pulled over for speeding. He had drugs and alcohol in his system and when the cop reached in his truck to grab the keys, he panicked and took off, thinking the cop would let go.

The cop did not let go, and was dragged for quite a ways before eventually falling to the ground and hitting his head, resulting in his de**h.

My ex’s friend was charged with capital m**der and sentenced to 20 years in a Mississippi state prison. 21 years old and ruined his entire life in 1 night.”


“A buddy from high school blew through a stop sign and hit a couple of motorcyclists, ki**ing them both. He didn’t stop to render aid and fled the scene.

He was busted for vehicular manslaughter, and spent 12+ years in prison. He’s lucky he can work for his dad, because where he lives now is not kind to felons trying to rehabilitate.”


“Friend’s son was with his recently-engaged fiancee who had a serious nut allergy. They were driving not far from Bendigo.

They stopped off at a cafe to buy sandwiches. The woman running the cafe assured them there were no nuts anywhere near the sandwiches so they bought them then went on their way.

Driving out away from town, she was nibbling on the sandwiches when she struggled to breathe. He stopped the car, got out, figured what was going on, went to the back of the car to get her epipen (which he struggled to find) but by the time he did find it she was d**d.

A couple of weeks after the funeral, he got in his car, drove it back to the stretch of roadside where she d**d, put his foot down on the accelerator and deliberately aimed his car at a power pole.

He’d left his Mum a note.”

Bar fight.

“Stood in the wrong place. He was stood in a bar minding his own business and a fight broke out.

He caught an accidental blow to the back of the head and caught his head on a wall on the way down. He never woke up.”

The border.

“He tried to cross the U.S.-Canada border without declaring less than $10,000 in cash.

This led to them searching all his stuff and finding bad things on his computer.

He’s in jail now.”


“My dad once saw a patient who was a seemingly normal, well-adjusted family man in his early 40s with no major health issues and in good physical shape.

He was in town for a business trip and had suddenly gone blind. Come to find out, while out with his colleagues, he had tried coke for the first time in his life.

It was cut with a something that created a blockage in his optic nerve and now he’s blind forever. This caused him to lose his job. He had a wife and kids and was the sole bread winner.”

Two families destroyed.

“Kid down the street had his best friend over, and his friend, being a 12-13 year old boy was being a total d**khead.

Kid picks up a shotg** his brother left lying around in the dining room and aimed at friend. Friend taunted him. Kid pulled the trigger and filled his friend’s head full of buck shot.

Two families instantly devastated. Kid went to jail. I occasionally see the friend when I go out for a walk. He’s a grown up now, but is intellectually maybe 4-5 years old, and will be taken care of by family for the rest of his life.”


“Dude several years our junior, on the fringe of the friend group, was spiraling into depression.

Decided to end it with a shotg**. Didn’t get the angle right. Blew his jaw and face off. Literally.

It’s not for nothing that I’ve said ever since, “There are worse things than d**ng.””


“Three guys in high school decided to speed on the backroads after practice.

Lost control , driver was decapitated, passenger ( who was being scouted) had severe brain damage and unable to walk, eat , etc on his own, and the third may have walked away, but for the rest of his life will have to live with the trauma .

Great bunch of guys, just heartbreaking.”


“A friend of my parents was a good family man who loved his family. One day he was playing with his toddler and was playfully tossing her on the bed.

She would get back up giggling and he would toss her again. In one of the tosses he threw her a bit too far and she hit a bed post. She lived but became bed bound unable to even talk. Not quite vegtable but close.

He went to jail on child ab**e. Lost his wife, his job and his little girl would bever be the same. The guilt was so much he ended it as soon as he could.”

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