Ouch…these responses might hurt some folks out there…

Heck, they might even hurt me!

Because we’re gonna hear from AskReddit users about how they can tell that someone has no life.

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“My cousin.

Online he’s a “personal responsibility” bootstrap libertarian who will argue a point to d**th, cocky that he’s right.

In reality he’s a 40-something that has never been able to hold down a job, has been in and out of rehab, and lives off of his elderly parents.

I have all the respect for addicts, and adults that need to live with their parents to make ends meet, but I have none for hypocrites.”

This is sad.

“Preaching what Andrew Tate has to say as if he’s some godly figure and his tweets are his sacred texts.”

Here you go.

“Preoccupied about what your neighbors or celebrities are doing

Posting hateful and mean spirited things on the Internet

Living vicariously through your children or athletes

Anyone who spends too much time at work, at the bar or at the gym.”

Sounds like a winner.

“My jobless neighbor who sits shouting at WOW 24/7 while seeing his desperate girlfriend (with 2 jobs) as a housewife, blows inheritance on p**n/in game cosmetics for fun & had to downgrade IT degree as he couldn’t get accepted for any internships.”


“This old Reddit troll I came across the other day. Dude was commenting anything that could possibly piss someone off with the facade that he was actually proving a point.

I got curious and looked at his comment history. Holy s**t.. the dude legitimately lived his life trolling people on Reddit. Thousands of posts and comments on an actual all day, every day basis. It was really sad honestly.”

Get a life.

“People who are angry at everything and everyone in the world.

These are the people who would go to a store or call a business and lose their s**t for the smallest thing.”

You’re right.

“Being one of those MLM hunbots who thinks they own a business but they’re actually a customer and selling sham overpriced products while writing cringe-worthy updates chock-full of emojis and false positivity and exploiting their kids and monetizing friendships.

They also mock 9-5 jobs while they are married to a person who supports them with a 9-5 job because they don’t understand that they aren’t making a profit. I’d say that’s rock bottom.”


“Following gossip magazines, shows or social media accounts.

I mean, what would knowing Billie Eilish’s drastic changing her dressing style change in your life?”


“Believing in some left-wing or right-wing ideology and plastering it all over your house and car.”


“Having pride in becoming an alt right edgelord on social media and slapping a punisher sticker with a blue lives stripe on your bumper.”

Move it!

“People who drive slow in the fast lane.

You don’t have anywhere you need to be?

You must’ve accidentally started driving somewhere?”


“Anti-a**rtion protester.

Most people have no time or energy to protest anything.

And you have time to drive or fly to an event where you shame women about their own life choices.’

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