It’s hard to find a decent job out there…

One that you actually enjoy AND that pays a decent amount of money.

But they do exist, my friends!

So if you’re on the job hunt and you’re looking for some new ideas, pay attention to what these AskReddit users had to say!

Lovin’ it.

“I’m a paralegal.

Certainly don’t make crazy money, but I work for a city government and will top out around $80k.

Great benefits, (mostly) congenial attorneys, never overtime, holidays, weekend etc., as well as civil service protections.

I’ve never liked a job more.”


“Art Director (graphic design, advertising, etc.)

My goals are clear, project manager manages my tasks, generally healthy work-life balance, work from home.

I live in the NYC area, make low 6 figures, live comfortably.”

A great situation.

“Massage therapist.

~70/hr I work 2.5 days a week and bring home ~950.

I am in an incredibly supportive environment, clients are great, love my coworkers.”


“I am a kennel attendant. I care for and feed both dogs and cats.

One of my daily requirements if I have time to do it, is literally to play with a dog/cat or puppy/kitten. It’s called animal enrichment.

It’s meant to help prepare them for a life outside the shelter. Doesn’t even feel like a job.”

You sound smart.

“Computational biologist.

I’m a classically trained cellular and molecular biologist that specializes in computer analysis of biological data. I work in rational drug design, so more or less I receive concepts for for drugs from staff, do some genetics and modeling work, and generate molecule designs that I send off to a robot to synthesize.

They screen them to see which work best, and those that show a favorable combination of potency and specificity ultimately proceed to becoming drug candidates and going into clinic.

It’s nice in that I can frequently work from home. There’s lots of problem solving. It’s nice mash-up of computer science and biology. The company and my peers are all great. And it’s still got that kind of cutting-edge this-is-the-future-today feel to it.”

Cleanin’ it up.

“School janitor.

$30/hour. 40 hours a week, 12 months a year. I get a s**tload of awesome medical/dental benefits, paid vacation, sick days, every provincial and federal holiday off paid.

However, the real perk that I fu**ing love, is that I work alone. Once the teachers leave, I have the building to myself. I see my boss once a month, if that. I just show up, put on my favourite podcasts, do my job and go home, money shows up in my account twice a month. I might speak 100 words a shift. It’s absolutely glorious.

About the only thing I don’t like about it are the cr**py hours (3-11pm, followed by 7-3 during the winter/spring/summer breaks, but you get used to it), and the lazy f**kng teachers that make my job harder than it needs to be. Overall, I’d give it a solid 8.5/10″

Strong union job.

“I am a NY state worker.

My job mostly consists of paper work and database work helping to prevent people who have harmed children in the past from getting employment now in environments that involve children.

Also decent pay with tons of benefits and a strong union.”

Nice and chill.

“Cybersecurity professional.

I keep secrets safe and those who don’t have my education/certs think I’m a wizard. Pretty chill job until a security incident happens, but if you do your job right, you can mitigate those incidents and just attend meetings every once and a while.

Pay is pretty f**king good too.”

On your own.

“I work as a housekeeper at a motel.

I love my job. It allows me to work alone, I can listen to my music, and I enjoy making order out of chaos.

Also, the money’s pretty damn good. Because of the way our pay is structured, I make more than double the standard amount in this industry.”


“I do voiceovers.

It’s fun, and pays well after you establish yourself.

Some days are a grind, and getting started was/is a lot of work for little pay, but overall it’s great.”

Never a dull moment.

“Not for everybody; but I am a lighting designer.

Days are long, but there’s something amazing about finishing out a day by making a musicians show look as incredible as they sound.

Used to tour, but hopped off the road because my partner and I had a kid, so now I’m working at local venues, and while you don’t build the same relationship as you do on the road, working a different show every time you go in means needing to be prepared for anything, it’s all very rewarding, and while the days can be super long, they’re very rarely dull.

And I mean, I get paid to go to concerts, so that’s also a nice touch.”

Doing your thing.

“Technical Illustrator.

I love working with 3D models and illustrating. I work from home half the time and keep whatever hours I want. My boss has faith that i will do my job so i rarely ever see him.

Since starting this job 2 years ago i have paid off all my debt and even sent my parents some money for everything they have done for me.”

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