I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love when a woman has a gap between her two front teeth.

I’ve always thought it was incredibly attractive, even when I was a little kid, and that hasn’t subsided at all.

But that’s just me!

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“This is super specific, but one of my exes used to very quietly read aloud to herself any time she was studying and I could have listened to that for hours.”

Show me your hands.

“I do find hands to be extremely intimate.

Holding hands is such a wonderful embrace, during passionate moments caressing is often the biggest turn on for me, and so I am always conscious of both my hands and theirs.

I think I feel towards hands the way people do about feet, which is odd as I am wholly indifferent to feet.


“My favorite hobby with my girl.

She’s naturally introverted so when I unexpectedly hit on her or hint at s**y stuff, she gets red and looks away and smiles nervously.”

Oh yeah!

“Deep voices are my kryptonite.

I have a friend who isn’t my type at all, but when I hear him on the phone I melt.”

The dips.

“The concave dips at the sides of my wife’s hips.

I have known her for almost 19 years, but she has only recently understood that I like them.”

Big business.

“I work in Boston.

Sometimes and seeing a woman in business wear and sneakers is something I’ve always liked.”

That’s a new one.


I have been attached to hyperactive guys all my life, mostly friendships but now I’m in a relationship with a man who is hyperactive sometimes.

I think it’s so cute and when he’s very happy I automatically become very happy and a bouncy ball as well.”

Early in the morning.

“I think a woman looking tired and no makeup at all in the morning is super attractive.

I do not think my girlfriend believes me. “

Teach me.

“When someone can teach me a topic.

Doesn’t matter what it is, if they are passionate and knowledgeable it’s really really attractive.”

That’s a strong back!

“Girls with really developed rear delt and lat muscles.

Something about a strong back is super attractive to me for some reason.”


“When a guy has some muscles but also is thick, like both fat and some muscles.

My ex wasn’t some type of bodybuilder and he rarely went to the gym, but his body was SO PERFECT. The tummy sticking out a bit was so hot during s** .

I love the thickness on a guy ,makes me feel small and it makes it all very hot.”

Here it comes…

“Watching my husband take off his belt. Dunno but it’s s**y AF.

Just the act of him doing it, his pants coming down just a tad so I can see his “V” area, and the sound of the belt. Oof.”

In order.

“Being detail oriented and organized. I’ve always dated more A type women, but my wife and I… Hoo boy.

We have an account at staples because we both go through notebooks, pens, sharpies, highlighters, and dry erase markers on a regular basis.

We spent months organizing and streamlining our kitchen for workflow and storage. When we get our new bookshelves it’ll probably take us each a few days to organize them the way we like.

I’m a chef, she’s in office management in the auto industry, and comes from the restaurant industry.”

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