All of us humans are a little bit different and we all march to the beat of our own drummers.

Also, we all have different things that make the waterworks start going, if you catch my drift.

People on AskReddit admitted what always makes them cry.

Let’s take a look.

1. In a better place.

“Thinking about my grandma.

It’s been 6 years since she d**d and I can’t remember her voice anymore. She was my everything.

Hope she is in a better place now.”

2. The pain is still there.

“My dog has been gone for over 25 years, but when I think of him, I still cry.

Sometimes I even sob.”

3. The good stuff.

“Somebody getting something they deserve – in a good way.

I always cry at the end of Undercover Boss when I used to watch it. It’s so nice seeing hard workers rewarded.

I know I’m a total chump and it’s probably fake but… I don’t care!”

4. Here come the waterworks.

“That scene from The Fresh Prince when Will’s dad bails on his trip..

“Why don’t he want me, man?”

Every time.”

5. We all have those songs…

“The Luckiest – Ben Folds

When I was 15, I told my (then) best friend that I wanted the first dance at my wedding to be to this song, and that I wanted to be dancing with her.

She laughed me off.

11+ years later, we’ll be getting married this September, and you can bet your a** we’ll be dancing to “The Luckiest” in front of our wedding guests.

We’ve been engaged for almost 18 months already, and every time this comes up in my Spotify shuffle I just lose it.”

6. Sad scene.

“The scene in Monsters, Inc. when “Kitty” takes Boo back to her room and she’s excitedly showing off her toys, no idea she can’t see him anymore…then he leaves, she goes to open the closet door and he’s gone and they’re shredding her door.

I sob uncontrollably every single time. I’m 31.”

7. A classic.

“Reading The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

My fav book. This line: “I could see boys going down under street lights because they were mean and tough and hated the world, and it was too late to tell them that there was still good in it, and they wouldn’t believe you if you did” always got me.

Dally’s d**th f**ks me up every time.”

8. BFF.

“The thought of leaving my parrot behind.

He’s 8 years old. Average life expectancy for his breed is 60 years. He may well outlive me. The thought of me not being there anymore and him looking for me and wondering where I am makes me well up instantly.

I well up whenever I’ve gone away just for one night and my friend house sits. On longer trips I hate the thought of him wondering if I’m coming back. How excited he is to see me when I do come back gets me too.

This fear is what keeps me going though. I could never end my life because I could never leave him behind.”

9. So hard.

“I recently lost my dog.

He was with me for 14 years. We grew up together.

I wish I had spent more time with him, but I’ll cherish the memories I made. I can’t stop crying. It feels like a piece of me is missing.

I miss him already.”

10. Growing up.

“There’s this book my daughter has called Once there were Giants.

It’s about a little girl growing up, each page is a different stage of her life and at the end she’s a grown up, she gets married and has a baby.

The line, that I discovered for some reason I cannot read without crying is “and then we had a little girl, and things changed”.

I’m crying now because I’m thinking about that book and I typed it out.”

11. A tearjerker.

“Little Miss Sunshine when the kid finds out he’s color blind and can’t join the Air Force.

The agony of losing the one thing that kept you going, the one thing that brought you joy and hope in life, just thinking about it now even makes me tear up.”

12. RIP.

“When my uncle d**d I was in Middle School.

He never married and had no children. He, and I, cherished every moment we had together. He was so kind, patient, loving, thoughtful, and selfless – truly a great man loved by all in the community.

When I was young, I swear he intentionally exchanged bills to make sure his coin jar was filled every time I visited so we could count it out and go buy something at the local junk store, something he always said was worth it because it put a smile on my face. He taught me gardening, would take me fishing, and let me eat all the junk food I wanted.

He was raised a farm boy through and through and I don’t think he ever got his high school diploma. His only job I knew of was a Walmart greeter. He never drank, volunteered for his church, ran 4 to 6 mi a day, was very involved in the community, and was always very fit and ate well.

Stomach cancer is what took him too soon. He was in his mid-60s and left everything to my brother and me with the caveat that it was used for education.

The will said “So you can make something better of yourself than I did.” Thinking of that phrase always gets me… I don’t think he realized how big those shoes were and it had nothing to do with education.”

Okay, it’s confession time…

What always makes you cry?

Talk to us in the comments! Please and thank you!