Well, this is kind of a scary thought to ponder.

What do you imagine your last thoughts would be if you knew you were going to die.

That’s what the folks you’re about to hear from were faced with…but luckily they all survived…

Let’s see what these AskReddit users had to say.

1. Calm.

“Oh sh*t, my sister had to see me drown.”

I felt pretty calm about it though.”

2. Ouch.

“”Your shoe is untied”

I said that to my dad before promptly falling down a 20 foot cliff into the underbrush. Broken arm, fractured skull, ruptured kidney.

Woke up two weeks later to my dad saying thanks for letting him know his shoe was untied as he could have tripped.”

3. I can understand that.

“As I was getting the Heimlich I remember thinking how embarrassing it would be to die at a Renaissance Fair.”

4. Gonna be messy.

“My heart stopped beating for 7 seconds while I was eating dinner in my hospital bed waiting to be discharged.

I realized I was going to pass out and put my arm across my plate so I wouldn’t fall face-first into it. All I could think of was “this is gonna make a mess.” Glad they took their time with the paperwork.

Ended up walking out of there 7 days later with a pacemaker at the age of 46.”

5. Scary.

“Have you ever had a headache that was so bad? I mean, like call your parents and ask them if you were still on the healthcare plan? Even though you live in Canada and they live in the USA?

Yes, I’ve had this pain, i felt as if my head was goin to implode. I was half right. I had a brain clot. Then bleed.

So a stroke and a aneurysm all at once. My last thought before I regained consciousness weeks later?

I don’t want to die in this sh*tty ground level apartment.”

6. Wow.

“‘Sh*t, wasn’t the car that hit me white?’

As I’m looking down at a car underneath me.

I’d been hit hard enough I bounced up over the car that hit me and had enough air time to clear the second one.

Props to the driver of the third vehicle, he must’ve stood on the d*mned brakes the moment he saw me because he brought the cement truck to a stop before it got to me.

Second time I was hit by a car as a pedestrian. I’m now MUCH more careful crossing streets.. not that it’s helped much, I seem to have a car magnet in my *ss.”

7. No place like home.

“I almost died on a mountain last month.

The thoughts while I was free soloing the cliff were just “I would give anything to be at home safe”.”

8. I feel weird.

““My throat feels weird, my gums are itchy” and blackness like a deep sleep.

Woke up a bit later, found out I was allergic to crab the hard way.”

9. Bad accident.

“I had a guy turn in front of me at a light. My last thought before impact weas, “my bike is only 3 weeks old”.

About 5 minutes later, about 100 feet down the road where I landed, I got into it with the paramedics who wouldn’t let me sit up to check on my bike. Eventually sat up far enough to see her ripped in two. laid back down and shut the f*ck up.”

10. A big jolt.

“I was in the process of being electrocuted, having been working all day atop a scissors lift.

The electricians had left a 277-volt line live and while I was standing and reaching while running the last low-voltage run of the job, I contacted their line. I saw the white light at the end of the tunnel. All I knew was throbbing and 60-cycle noise and the white light.

My last thought was “I wonder if I can tell my knees to unlock?” Obviously they did, since I am here typing this. Severe electrical burns, still here livin ‘ the life!”

11. Bad luck.

“Three times.

Once almost drowning in the deep end of a pool, once trapped under a flipped ATV in a river, and once being shot at by a crazy old man who thought I was a deer.

I thought of my mom crying every time.”

12. Pizza on the brain.

“I thought about how I didn’t buy enough pizzas from my favorite pizza place.

It’s pretty good, but thinking about pizza when you think you’re dying is pretty depressing in retrospect.”

13. Terrifying.

“I was stabbed in the neck by someone robbing my house.

I totally thought I was going to die. I hate myself, but I begged the guy who stabbed me to stay because I didn’t want to die alone. He said “Sorry” and walked away.

That broke my heart. Thankfully he called 911 for me.”

14. This is how it ends?

“”I can’t believe this is how I die.”

Drunk, falling off a 30 foot cliff into about 2 feet of water at Lake Havasu, Arizona on Spring Break.

It just hurt really bad.”

15. Ehhhh…

“Was in a pretty severe car crash in my mid teens – we got tboned by a big Ford van coming home from school one afternoon. I could have swore our light was green but witnesses said my friend went though a red.

I remember looking over and seeing the van and thinking “Eh.” I pretty much resigned immediately to what was about to happen.

I was sitting in the front passenger seat holding onto the little handle above the door – the window blew out and and I had hundreds of little cuts on my arm neck and face it looked like rats had been chewing at me and I had a couple bits of glass in my hand.

The passenger side door crushed in far enough to hit me and left fabric imprint all down my side, completely knocked the wind out of me, and cracked two ribs.

After I caught my breath I had to crawl out of the drivers side, my hand bleeding all over the place, but was so amped up on adrenaline I hardly noticed any pain. The next day I could hardly move I was so sore. Almost my whole right side was bruised. It hurt to breathe too deeply.

My friends mom showed me pictures of the car, it was really surprising I got off as well as I did.”

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