What’s so wrong with showing yourself a little bit of love once in a while?

Every situation is different but this person wants to know if they’re wrong for choosing to spoil themself instead of spending their money on their family.

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AITA for Only Spoiling Myself?

“My parents adored my older sister L.

I was the oops baby they had later in life. Growing up, I was well aware that my older sister and was the star of the show. I wasn’t a**sed–just ignored. Ex. Sister had huge party every year, and the one year I wanted one (16th birthday), my parents basically let her take over and it ended up being all about her. I always felt second best.

When it was time for college, my folks told me I was on my own as my L switched majors so they had to spend more money on her degree. It was up to me to figure it out. Luckily I had the grades. I applied for grants/scholarships and left 2 days after HS graduation. I’ve been LC since.

Through hard work, counseling, and good friends, I’m pretty happy with the person I am today. I own my own home, my retirement plan is sound, so I enjoy spoiling myself (nice car, vacations with friends). I often post our adventures on social media. (This is important).

After 7 years of not speaking (cards at Christmas), my mom reached out and invited me to Thanksgiving. I went more out of curiosity than hopes of reconciliation (but I had an open mind). When I arrived, L was there. That degree never happened. (She’s currently posting stuff on Tic Toc waiting become a viral star). In the meantime she’s living at home.

After dinner, my mom mentioned that she started following me on FB and saw what a nice life I had. L made the comment that ‘it must be nice to have money to throw away and ignore your familial responsibilities.’

My mom co-signed this nonsense stating that since I was doing so well, I should be helping out especially since she and Dad are close to retirement age. The house needs work, and L could use a little help because family helps family. I should start pitching in to ease the burden.

Here’s where I might be the a**hole: I told Mom that she and Dad bet on the wrong horse. And that I don’t owe her, him, or my delusional sibling a d**n thing. I left and blocked them. AITA for not even considering helping out since I have a healthy amount of disposable income?

AITA further for thinking the invite was nothing more than the opening salvo to get money?”

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