The story you’re about to read reminds me of a kid I knew when I was younger who threw a glass jar of rubber cement from a school bus and shattered some guy’s windshield on the highway.

Yeah…not cool and not funny.

And neither is this story.

Take a look and see what happened.

WIBTA if i pressed charges on a teenager for destroying my property?

“Last night coming home a HS baseball player threw a baseball at my windshield.

The school bus he was in and my truck were both going 60mph opposite ways and he just threw a ball at my window. It was late at night and i had 2 kids in my car.

I have the option to press charges.

I want to because i had my children with me and it could’ve been alot worse, but at the same time i was a kid that did dumb stuff too.

So if i pressed charges on a 16-17 year old WIBTA?”

Now check out what Reddit users said about this.

One reader said they should press charges because it could have been serious.

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And this individual remembered a terrible story that happened due to this something like this.

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Another Reddit user said this person should definitely press charges.

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What do you think? Should this person press charges or should they leave it alone?

Me…. seems like this kid needs to learn a lesson they’ll never forget.

So that’s my take. What’s yours?

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