I need a refund over here!

A lot of us have said that in our lives but should we feel guilty if we’re demanding our money back from a small business?

Or a struggling one?

Let’s see what happened in this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page…

AITA for asking for a refund from an Etsy shop that was struggling?

“This happened a couple months ago but I still feel kinda guilty and wanna if I was an AH or not.

So basically I purchased from this shop in the beginning of July, a couple weeks after I hadn’t gotten any notifications on shipping or anything, I checked the shop and saw that the listing said would only take 2-3 days to ship. I messaged the seller asking if they were going to ship the order.

The seller responded and told me that one of the owners of the shop had d**d and that was why there were delays. (they did not close the shop at all or post any sort of announcement about this on their shop so I had no way of knowing) I was mortified and told them to take their time.

About a month later still nothing, so I messaged the seller telling them I understand the delays but was wondering if they would ship my order out soon. They responded a week later that they they’d send it out in a week. A month after that message they still hadn’t shipped it and I was frustrated.

I saw on reviews that other people who had ordered after I did received their orders on time, I didn’t want to deal with the seller anymore and filed a dispute with etsy to get my refund. The seller messaged me saying I was rude and I should’ve been more patient.

I do still feel guilty about it. AITA?”

Now let’s see what Reddit users had to say about this.

This reader said that it sounds like this business person is trying to run out the clock so they won’t have to issue a refund.

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Another person said that the Etsy shop owner seems pretty manipulative.

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And this individual, who happens to be an Etsy shop owner, said that the person who wrote the post is not an a**hole AND they should leave a review so no one else gets screwed over.

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Finally, this person said that the Etsy shop owner just seems like a bad business person all around.

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