Once you decide to get a person’s car towed, you know there’s gonna be some drama headed your way…if they find out who you are, that is.

And a person shared a towing story on Reddit’s “Am I the *sshole?” page and they asked for some feedback about the situation.

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AITA for getting neighbor’s car towed for blocking me and now they want me to pay for their tow fee and ticket for calling to get them towed?

“I recently bought a house that was vacant for a while and people were using it as parking.

I moved in now it’s clear someone lives there so people stopped parking there.

Sometime last week I had to leave but couldn’t because when I opened my garage door there was a car there blocking it in.

I don’t know who’s car it is and I’m not going to waste my f*cking time walking around knocking on doors to figure out who’s it is.

Also you could’ve parked in the grass or off to the side or something I don’t know

Now I found out it’s someone 3 doors down because they knocked on my door demanding I pay them back because I’m the one who called to get it towed.

I told they should’ve had their visitors park at their house and they said “no, because we’ve always parked here”

Okay well not anymore and I’m not paying for your sh*t.

I kind of feel bad how much they had to pay but I shouldn’t have to take time out of my day to go figure out who’s car it is because they’re being d*cks.

Also why park in front of the garage??? Literally anywhere else would’ve just been annoying but I could’ve gone on with my day.”

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This person said that the writer of the post was only behaving like a responsible human.

Imagine that…

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This person pointed out that they actually handled the situation like an adult…even though they’re only a teenager.

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And finally, this person called them a “respectful teenager” and said that the writer’s parents obviously raised them the right way. Bravo!

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