People sure do get touchy when it comes to talking about weight.

And it doesn’t always have to be their own…

A mom asked if she acted like an *sshole when she asked her own mother to not talk about her children’s weight.

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AITA for asking my mom to not talk about my children’s weight?

“My mother has almost always been very thin. All her life she bragged about her low weight, “healthy” eating and fitness routine.

When I was about 4 I remember watching a feed the children commercial with her. She pointed to the little starving children with big bloated bellies and told me that if I didn’t eat I would look like them. Apparently I wasn’t a big eater back then. It struck me as a 4 year-old so much that I went to the fridge and grabbed a carrot to eat.

Fast forward to my teen years. My mother constantly talked about my growing body. She was always flat chested and I happen to have bigger breast. She was always pointing out hips or my butt. Which lead me to struggle with eating disorders.

She always made me feel like because I weighed more then her that I was not good enough. She obsessed with the fact her normal weight was in the 120s.

I moved out at 16 and found myself for the next 20 years struggling with my weight until recently.

My husband loves my body and tells me everyday I am beautiful. He loves every curve. While I want to be healthy, I don’t care about the number on the scale.

My mom still makes comments to me about my weight. Straight out called me fat in front of my husband and stepdad. Both were shocked. We were at a funeral at the time.

My husband mentioned it to me and I shrugged it off. I told him I was use to it and she didn’t mean anything by it.

Fast forward to last month. My oldest daughter is a teen. She is tall and womanly for her age. She is by no means fat. She is stunning and could be a model. I have no doubt she will be 5 foot 9 by the time she is done growing.

My mom was over and made the comment in front of my youngest who is half my older daughters age. She said that it was good my daughter had started track because of the covid weight she had gained.

I kind of scuffed and said “She is going through early puberty. She has hips and a butt because she is turning into a women.”

My youngest said something about how she needs to practice running too. She loves to run and wants to be the fastest.

My mom told her that she didn’t need to lose much weight. She said this to my 8 year old.

At this point I shut down and said I had to make dinner so my mom left.

Later, I sent her a message and tried to write from the heart. I told her I loved her and asked out of love that she not speak about my children’s weight and for that matter mine.

I let her know that I struggled with bulimia as a teen and I don’t want my kids to go through that. I let her know it made me feel uncomfortable and that I no longer wanted to hold anger towards her but if such comments continued I would find that difficult.

She never responded and I haven’t heard from her since. She did however make a comment on my uncle’s post about his covid weight gain that “I’d make a joke but I was told recently that because I am skinny covid weight jokes are not funny”

Am I the *sshole here? Am I seeing criticism where it isn’t?”

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Another reader agreed that this woman isn’t an *sshole and that her mother actually sounds kind of abusive.

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This Reddit user said that the woman did the right thing for bringing this up with her mother so her kids wouldn’t have to deal with the nonsense.

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This individual said that she was right to call her mom out about this and no one should let people say those kinds of things in front of their kids.

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Lastly, this person said that the woman’s mother is the jerk in this situation and that she should consider stepping back from the relationship for a while to teach her mom a lesson.

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