I know that parents want to keep their young ones on a strict sleeping schedule, but is it wrong to not answer the phone call of your spouse when he specifically called to talk to the children?

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AITA for not answering when my husband called to speak to our kids before bed?

“I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old so keeping them on a good sleep schedule is pretty important.

Whenever my husband is away, he’ll Facetime with the kids for a little while. We agreed before he left that he would call at 6:30pm my time as their bedtime is around 8pm.

He called late from the start but he was always apologetic and said his meeting overran so I let it go at first. After the fourth time I told him I wouldn’t answer if he called later than 7:30pm as it was ruining their sleep schedule and he was calling later and later every day.

I never answered when he called to speak to the kids for 3 days because he called after 7:30pm and now he’s angry at me even though I suggested he call earlier if that worked better for him as it didn’t.


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