We all know that you certainly can’t choose your family members…

But you also can’t choose who your family members get married to and that’s a whole different can of worms…

And this person wants to know if they acted like an a**hole for kicking their son’s wife out of the house.

Let’s see what happened.

AITA for kicking my son’s wife out?

“So my son got married super early (18) and I supported him but also expressed my grievances.

Anyways his wife has always h**ed me for anything I do. I’ve tried to lead a olive branch but she always rejects it. Him and His wife fell on quite hard times after my son lost his job. My son has been fine living with me but his wife wasn’t.

She complains about anything and everything I do, she h**es my cooking but if my son heats her up a bowl it’s the best thing ever, if I clean the whole house plus the room they are staying in I always miss a spot never a thank you or anything.

Yesterday decided I didn’t want to be treated like this anymore and told her that I dont know where this hostility was coming from and if she doesn’t at least try to get to know me then she can leave. S

he proceeded to call me the b word so I gave her 30 days to move out. My son said that was too harsh and to just deal with it, but I already have for a long time.


Here’s what folks on Reddit had to say about this.

One reader said that this person has been generous with their house and that her son and his wife are acting like children.

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Another Reddit user said that these two folks seem to be way too immature to be married.

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This individual said that maybe the son is using this parent as a scapegoat because they’re not happy in their marriage.

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And this Reddit user said that she’s gone out of her way for them in many ways and that it’s time for them to get the hell out.

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