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AITA for refusing to let my in-laws meet my newborn?

“Okay so backstory – I’ve been with my partner for almost 6 years, we’ve JUST had our first baby together (by just I literally mean at 3am this morning).

My partner is Greek, his whole family is Greek Orthodox and they follow all traditions and religion very closely.

Anyway, for the past 5 years, I have joined them at church for their orthodox traditions on orthodox Easter and I would like my child to continue in this tradition.

BUT last night, we were at my in laws for dinner before we headed to church and I started to feel this agonising pain and my waters had broken. I was 34 weeks, so a bit early but labour was still a viable answer.

My MIL told my partners WHOLE family that I was faking it to avoid church and that I just want her son to abandon his family and religion for him and our child to join my “monstrosity of a religion”…. I’m atheist….

Anyway, my FIL then refused to drive my partner and I to the hospital because we were making his wife upset. My partners sister then told them to stop being ridiculous and making it all about them and she then drove us – I felt bad she was missing church so I asked her if she’d like to stay to be a part of the birth of her nephew. She stayed and was the BIGGEST support for my partner and I.

Anyway, this morning my SIL told me about all the abusive texts she was receiving from her parents and all the horrible things they were saying about me. I have always been close with in laws so this is very out for he blue and hard for me to take. My parents came in to meet our baby girl just before lunch today and I have been receiving texts and calls from my in laws asking to come meet her tonight, after the celebrate their Easter.

I haven’t replied yet but they asked to come at 7 and it’s getting closer to the time and I’m wondering if I’d be an asshole for telling them no and setting a boundary. My partner has told me he will support whatever decision I make and that if I want to wait for them to meet her – he understands after last night.

AITA if I text back saying no and explaining why?”

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