And here on Line 5, you can see that you’re going to have a horrible life with this person…

That’s not exactly what you want to hear when you’re planning on getting married to someone, is it?

But sometimes the truth hurts…

And the person who wrote this post wants to know if she went too far when she made a budget to show her niece how bad her life will be if she goes through with her planned marriage.

Let’s see what happened.

AITA for making a budget to show how my niece how hard it would be if she married her fiancé?

“My niece is engaged to her new boyfriend.

They have been dating for 4 months and she is just 19. My brother told her that he will stop funding her life if she marries him. My niece is pretty spoiled. She visited me last week. I think she thought I would be supportive because I was also cut off because I refused to divorce my wife.

She was telling me who she knew it would be difficult but she could manage because she loved him. I asked her if she had a budget she said she didn’t. I offered to help make her one and she was enthusiastic.

She didn’t know how much he made and when she texted him about it he was being shady and not responding. So I assumed he would make 16 dollars per hour and work 12 hours per a day for 6 days and 10,000 dollars in tips and I assumed she would work the same hours and make the same amount.

I then showed her how much things will actually cost and budgeted them figures in. I also emphasized that these were very generous assumptions on my part and It is a rosier picture than reality.

It still meant that she would have to make substantial changes to her lifestyle and I think it dawned on her how drastically different it would be to date someone without money and be actually married to them.

She asked me how we made it work and I told her that my wife and I had sat down for hours preparing budgets and getting ready to be cut off and we were cut off in our early thirties and already had two great careers and received other inheritances which had helped immensely/ She was sober and serious when she left my house.

She broke up with him and has moved back home. It appears she asked him about his salary and it was lower than my assumptions and that freaked her out and she broke up with him.

She is upset and she said I scared her and she really misses him. My wife said that I was a bit manipulative with my assumptions as I did know they were more generous than normal and she would freak out when she tried to make a real budget. I did know that and It does make me feel a bit bad. I feel like I played her here.”

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