Everyone reaches their breaking point eventually.

It might be with work, relationships, or with family members.

And this person wants to know if they are wrong for not wanting certain family members in their house anymore.

Take a look…

Am I the a**hole for wanting my brother and sister in law and their 2 kids to leave my apartment?

“Soo background story: My husbands brother and his wife and their 2 girls are living with me in NJ after being evicted from their house in Florida in August.

I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and they have been there, sleeping on my couch since August 2021. I am a nursing student and I like helping people and I thought that for a couple of months they would at least be trying to get back on their feet.

They moved in August and now it’s almost the end of October and they are still not looking for jobs or applying for help anywhere. Essentially they are crashing on my couch with their 2 daughters while me and my husband pay for everything. I am usually a very caring person and if I see someone in need I like to help as much as I can, but at this point I feel like I am being taken advantage of.

The thing that is making me upset the most is that they are trying to impose their rules in my house. I went from having a whole apartment for me and my husband and my dog to literally spending my whole time in my room. My house is a mess with all their stuff laying around.

They even brought their cat that they know both me and my husband are allergic to and let the cat just go every where. My house is destroyed because of the cat scratching the couch, and my computer chair, my curtains are ruined and then they have the audacity to tell me I’m embarrassing when I bring friends over after a night out cuz I was dr**k and I was being loud.

Then the next day they tell me that my little brother is dumb. Am I the a**hole for telling my husband that if they do not leave by December 1st, then I’m the one leaving?”

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