Have you ever had to watch someone else’s pet for a few days and about a day in to your visit, you’re totally frustrated and you can’t deal with that animal from Hell anymore?

Yeah, I’ve been there, too!

Well, this story is a little bit different, but it involves a person who had to take action when they were watching their roommate’s dog.

Read on to see what happened.

AITA for putting my housemates’ dog in a kennel and footing her with the bill?

“Short story, that needs a lot of context.


Me and my housemate moved in together a few years ago, we were friends for a long time beforehand, and despite the usual housemate quibbles, we’ve gotten along great as housemates.

We both work, contribute 50/50 to bills and chores.

Then, she got a dog. We agreed that she was fine to get a dog, so long as she understood that it was her dog, and I wouldn’t be taking on any of the caring tasks for the dog. (I work a very demanding job, and I simply don’t have the time for a pet). She was fine with this, so got the dog.

In the time she’s had the dog, she’s had a good number of trips away where she hasn’t been able to take the dog. I’ve agreed each time that I’ll take care of the dog while she’s away, since I understand that you can’t always bring an animal along with you.

She’s had a habit of extending her trips away last minute (as in, the day she’s due to come back) leaving me stuck with the dog. It’s annoying, and I’ve brought it up to her many times, but it keeps happening.

Current situation

She was going away again and needed me to look after the dog. I agreed but told her multiple times that I had a family holiday planned and she would need to be back on the agreed day.

So, it’s the day she’s due back. Once again, I get a message telling me that she’s going to be back a few days later than planned. I messaged her back to tell her that I was going away the next day, and she needs to be home because there will be no one to take care of the dog.

She doesn’t reply. I message her again, still no reply.

I wasn’t about to cancel my long-planned holiday for the sake of her poor planning, but I also wasn’t okay with just leaving the dog on his own.

So I contacted a local kennel, it was a very nice doggy hotel, and I was sure to research to make sure it was a good and reputable place. I explain my situation and book the dog in.

I message her once I’ve dropped the dog off, and tell her where to pick the dog up, how long he was booked in for, and that she needs to pay for the keep when she arrives. Then I rush to get to the station in time for my train to my holiday.

Suddenly, she’s able to message me back. She sends me a long ranting message about how she can’t afford that, how I’ve been irresponsible handing off her dog to random people, and that it wasn’t my place to do that.

I messaged her back saying that I had no choice, tried to message her about it, and she needs to deal with it.

I’ve spoken to my family about it, there’s a divide on whether or not what I did was right.

I’m really not sure if I did the right thing, AITA?”

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