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Ladies and gents, today we have a story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page about a woman who wants to know if she crossed the line when she straight-up walked out of a hairdressing business.

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AITA for walking out of the hairdressers?

“Okay I don’t think I am TA but the hairdresser certainly did and people were staring so I’d like to get some opinions.

I (F28) booked in to the hairdressers to get my hair bleached, coloured and then cut and blow dry. I had a consultation a couple weeks before my appointment, they saw my hair, I told them it had dye on etc and they were happy to do what I wanted.

So I get to the appt and hairdresser is already running 20 minutes late, but whatever I sit and wait. She calls me over and asks what I want, I tell her everything I discussed at my consultation (which was with a different hairdresser who was not in) She basically started saying it might be difficult, my hair may not lift that well etc

I understand this and say well I’m not expecting miracles and I’m happy with a darker shade if my hair doesn’t lift well.

She then starts saying she won’t have time to bleach and colour my hair as well as cut it. So I can either have it coloured and no cut or have cut today and colour another time.

I said I wasn’t happy with this, I booked in for both so I would like both today. She got quite rude and acted like it was my fault she wouldn’t have time (not sure how as I don’t manage her time?)

In the end I just left saying I didn’t want half a job done, I booked for both and if they couldn’t do that then I’d go elsewhere. She was p**sed and stormed of and everyone in the salon was staring at me.


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