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AITA for getting a cashier in trouble because he didn’t believe in February 29?

“Today after leaving work I needed to pick up some wine so I made an stop to a local grocery store to get 2 different bottles that he and some cleaning supplys (bleach and cat sand)

I have a permanent babyface So I’m always ready to give the ID, usually there isn’t a problem, the cashier just hands it back and I go in my merry way.

I get to the register, (it’s morning so it’s empty) I put my things when the cashier (Kevin) gives me a side eye and the following conversation ensues.

K: Aren’t you too young to be buying wine? Me:I get that a lot, I am 21 -I hand my ID to kevin K: good try but this is fake Me: excuse me? K: this is a fake ID, you are not gonna fool me, and I bet the bleach is for you to get high Me; why would you think is fake? And how am I gonna get high with bleach?? K: because february just haves 28 days and this says February 29! I am not stupid Me: what..? K: Now get out before I call the security guard Me: Excuse me but February has 29 days every 4 years, and I need my ID back K: no, I’m destroying this, now get out

(Note that I have bad anxiety and confrontation makes me retreat, so I was completely ready to just go to another grocery store)

(Kevingets out of his till to go find something to the staff room)

Me: Excuse me but I need my ID! (I’m raising my voice at this point and following him) K: no, I’m gonna cut it now go away, this is staff only

(The grocery store is still preety empty and he was the only cashier in the shift, preety common where I live)

(I start to shut down when a woman in a different uniform that was there raised her voice from the other door to the staff room)

W: what is happening here? Kevin what are you doing? K: This kid is trying to buy alcohol and things to get high with a fake ID Me; It’s not fake! Please give it back! K: get me some scissors so I can snap it W: Kevin February 29 is real, is a leap year, K; No, leap years are a myth from greece before the church took over, they aren’t real (the woman takes the ID from kevins hands and hands it back to me, who’s almost in tears) W: I’m so sorry, I will have an stern talk with Kevin, let me check you out Me: (I just nod and follow her back to my shopping, she gives me my groceries and I pay for them) W: Could you come with me to sign a paper stating what Kevin has done? Me: Eh..sure? For what? W: Because no one believes me when he does this things and I need it in paper so I can get him reported

I just went and signed statement (I still don’t understand why she needed one)

I told what happened to my roommate and he told me I shouldn’t have signed anything because now Kevin’s gonna get fired for a very minor thing, and that the woman was probably just mad at him for something else and wanted to use this to get him out of the store, and that is my fault for having such a confusing birthdate??

I don’t know reddit I’m just tired, am I the a**hole?

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