Sometimes in life, you gotta tell the truth…no matter how much it hurts.

And a person took to the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit to ask if they were wrong for telling their sister-in-law the truth about their brother.

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AITA for telling my sister-in-law the truth about my brother?

“My brother (Joe) and sister-in-law (Jill) have been together for 10 years and they have 4 children together.

Joe works full time at a factory and Jill has a very inconsistent work history due to her attitude. To be frank, Jill has a nasty, entitled attitude because she believes that Joe makes a lot of money and she doesn’t really have to work.

The reality: Joe constantly ask our parents and his younger siblings for “loans” that he never pays backs. He also has everyone pitch in to buy their children’s school clothes and shoes every year.

Oh and not to mention he’s always asking to use our cars instead of using his non-working wife’s car. Our family has always fallen for Joe’s sob stories because 1. we love the kids and 2. his wife will not work to help support their family.

Well, recently my siblings and I found out that Joe is a huge liar! He’s severely in loan/credit card debt and he’s a gambling addict. Turns out he actually does make enough to take care of his family but is so far in debt that he can’t. We also found out from her family that he told Jill that she doesn’t have to work.

At a family holiday gathering, Jill approached my sisters and I stating that their oldest daughter (Jill’s 15 y/o daughter before marriage) needs to get a job. Jill then went on to say that she and Joe had jobs at 15 and they purchased their own first vehicles. My parents are wealthy, so Joe didn’t get a summer job until 19 and my parents brought him not 1 but 2 cars by the age of 20.

I was so taken back by the revelation that Joe has been lying to Jill about being able to afford their lifestyle. Without thinking, I told Jill that what Joe said was untrue and that our parents and in the last 5 years his siblings have always taken care of him even now at the tender age of 40.

Jill called us liars like we don’t know our brother, so I showed proof of how he’s “borrowed” thousands of dollars from just me not including our parents and other siblings over the years. Soon other siblings joined in telling Jill the truth about Joe. Jill was furious when she finally realized that Joe was not as financially stable as he claimed.

AITA for telling her the truth?”

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