Well, this is kind of a sad story, if I do say so myself…

What kind of a mother wouldn’t want their little child to call them “Mommy”?

I guess they’re out there, as you’re about to find out. Take a look at this story from Reddit and stick around to check out how readers responded.

Don’t call me Mommy? Okay.

“Apparently this happened when I was about 3 years old, but my mother has held it over my head for the last 20 years.

My mom was on the phone with my grandmother and I wanted to get her attention for something. I did what any 3 year old would do and tugged on her leg and called “Mommy” out to her. She gave me an annoyed look and kept on with her conversation. Whatever it was I needed it must have been really important and I kept at it. After a few more tries, she eventually shouted at me “Stop calling me mommy!!”

From that moment on, my first little malicious compliance switch went off in my head, and I only called her Mom or Mother from then on. She was always heartbroken for years after this and often brought it up. I was her only kid and it embarrassed her to no end being called mother in front of other people when I was so young.

And to rub salt into the wound, I still call my Father “Daddy” to this day.”

Now let’s see how Reddit users reacted to this story.

This person experienced something similar and had a good idea of how to respond.

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Another Reddit user said that her mom did this too and said it was a matter of respect.

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This individual said that the person who wrote the post must have been affected deeply by this if they remember it all these years later.

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And lastly, this mom had it thrown right back in her face by her kid. Ha!

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