Well, I can’t say I’ve ever heard this one before…

Getting patted down at a wedding? That’s a new one!

But it happened and the woman who went through it took to Reddit’s “Am I the *sshole?” page to see if she was wrong for getting upset about it.

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AITA for getting upset that my sister’s fiancé pulled me aside and patted me down at their wedding?

“The title sounds so stupid but here we go anyways.

I’m 24 and I’m an addict who has been in recovery for the past six months.

I used and used until I was basically in poverty and my older sister helped bail me out more than once.

She’s my best friend and I know it hurt her a lot to see me like that.

She also met her fiancé two years ago and he really only knew me as the junkie brother then. He’s not my biggest fan to say the least considering how much I put my sister through.

Despite this she still invited me to her wedding last week because I am her brother and she wanted me to be there.

When I get to the reception, my brother in law is greeting people as they walk in.

When I walk by he pulls me to the side and in front of everyone starts patting me down and says that he needs to check me to make sure I “didn’t bring anything in”. I instinctively pull away, because why wouldn’t I, and I tell him not to touch me.

He tells me to “calm down” and that if I want to be here then he needs to do this. I tell him he’s being ridiculous and I try to push past him. He stops me and tells me that he doesn’t want to throw me out but he “will if he has to.” I told him that he’s trying to look tough but it’s just making him look stupid.

At this point I’m getting more and more angry and I’m practically yelling in his face at this point. Bystanders came between us and separated us and told my BIL to just “drop it.” He said he would but that “they can deal with it when I get out of hand.”

I just went to go find a seat after that.

After the reception, a lot of my family told me that I should’ve let him just do it and that I was acting like a huge *sshole and like I had “something to hide.”

I don’t think he had any right to pat me down, especially in front of people and I don’t think my reaction was over the top. If anything, he was the one acting like a huge douche by trying to start drama so he can look tough. My sister has refused to take any sides in this.


And here’s how folks responded.

This reader said that the man’s reaction was totally out of line and he made a scene for no reason.

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Another person pointed out that this could have been handled in so many different ways.

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Another reader had a totally different opinion and said that everyone was to blame in this situation.

They pointed out that the woman has been violent in the past but it probably could have been handled differently.

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Another reader said that the woman is to blame for getting that angry and that addicts just can’t be trusted at all.

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One reader made a great point: if they didn’t want the drama, they probably just shouldn’t have invited the woman in the first place.

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