Guys, if your female partner happens to be pregnant, don’t rock the boat.

That means don’t offend her, belittle her, or try to downplay how uncomfortable she is most of the time.

And I think the husband in this story probably needed to be taught a lesson.

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AITA for telling my husband he has it easy?

“I’m 7 months pregnant.

It has been very difficult for me with all the medical stuff and chronic pain I’m constantly dealing with. My husband gets annoyed everytime I bring up how much pain I feel. It’s not like I complain constantly but it has slowed me down which made my husband think I’m looking for excuses to not get anything done.

Yesterday morning I woke up with terrible back pain. After I vented about it and expressed my discomfort He “snapped” at me and told me that I was acting like a spoilt princess and that I’m a mother, I should start acting like one. I snapped back saying that he doesn’t get to dictate how I should feel and deal with what I’m dealing with because he has no idea what it’s like.

He was like “yeah but we’re in this together, I put the baby in there remember?” I told him yes but he’s not the one doing the work so he has it easy. He looked at me shocked and went quiet for a minute. He then said “Ah-Ha how typical! Trying to use the “I’m the mom” card against me already?, how much “leverage” are you planning to get with that”.

Which hurt because he made me feel like I’m milking it. We argued about it then he left and refused to respond to my phone calls all day. In the evening he got distant and ignored me when I tried to speak to him and then said that telling him he has it easy was way out of line and an awful attempt to discredit his efforts and sacrifices but all he does is provide.

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