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AITA for wanting to tell my husband about the camera that his daughter put in his office?

“I f36 have been with my husband for 3 years, he has a 17 year old daughter with his ex wife “Judy”.

Judy isn’t friendly at all and we don’t interact much. By the way she used to live in the house I live in currently and many times she has tried to dictate how it’s run. My husband gave her multiple warnings after she managed to damage some of our belongings and then got completely banned after she “accidentally” started a fire in the kitchen.

My stepdaughter used to live with us but after her mom got banned she moved in with her and only visits on the weekends. My stepdaughter started throwing accusations at me blaming me for getting her mom banned from her “old home” but she knows what her mom did. Our relationship has been on bad terms since then but we’re still cordial at least.

Last night, I spotted a camera while cleaning my husband’s office and asked my stepdaughter about it, she got defensive and told me to leave it alone. I asked if she had anything to do with it and demanded she tell me but she denied til I said I’d til my husband. She freaked out saying she had nothing to do with it except put it there per her mom’s request.

I was flabbergasted and couldn’t believe what she said, she begged me not to tell my husband and promised she’ll just remove it but I felt like this is big, too big to hide from him and he needed to know. She started crying saying that her dad will punish her and then might call the police on her mom and cause permanent damage. I told her to go to her room but she still begged and promised she won’t do it again.

Tension took over the house and my stepdaughter has gone silent to the point where my husband noticed and asked what was wrong. He is now pushing for me to talk but I feel conflicted.”

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