I guess you gotta be careful when you’re out in public, because you never know when your bad behavior might come back to bite you in a HUGE way.

Not like I would ever be rude to a server in a restaurant anyway, but if you’ve spent any time in that industry, you know there are quite a few customers who act like jerks that you have to deal with.

Someone shared a story on Reddit about some rude folks who got a major surprise when they got called out for their behavior.

Let’s take a look.

Awful customers end up getting fired for their behavior

“One of my co-workers actually had the the pleasure of serving these ladies, but has given me permission to tell her story here!

To set the scene, this restaurant is a local “upscale” sushi bar with dim lighting and high booths. Working as a server here we also act as hosts, bussers and bartenders.

It’s also important to note that the owner is also the manager and is at the restaurant 24/7 (Literally. He lives there), and that these ladies all worked for a local business in which they had their work shirts on.

This particular day we were dead for lunch and both me and my coworker were in the office talking to the owner. Three ladies walk in and seat themselves, ignoring the “Please wait to be seated” sign.

The phone rings so my co-worker leaves the office to answer and it happens to be the three ladies sitting at the booth calling to get someone’s attention. Which is fair enough, a little annoying but effective.

Coworker apologizes for the wait takes their order and goes about business.

These ladies call her over to complain that they are on lunch and the food is taking too long. She apologizes and assured them it shouldn’t be much longer. They then make a remark about having to call to get anyone’s attention.

This particular coworker is not someone who messes around. She has worked at the restaurant for years and is not the type to kiss ass in these types of situations. Still she kept her cool and walked off.

The ladies get their food, then proceed to walk up to the sushi bar to talk with the owner about how rude coworker is. Coworker overheard, and walks over to join the conversation which ends in yelling and 2 of the ladies asking her to “go outside”.

I eventually am asked to bring them the bill, they pay, stay and talk for a second and then leave.

When we went to clean the table, these ladies had crushed up sushi rolls, left noodles and meat ALL over the table covered in teriyaki sauce with a note on the receipt that said “dumb b**ch”.

The owner then proceeds to call their work and explain to the manager what they had done. The best part was they all paid separately and with debit cards so we knew all of their names.

A couple of hours later a woman walks in, hands my coworker $50, apologizes for their behavior, and explains that she is the business owner who had worked her way through college as a server.

She then lets her know that she did not want those kinds of people representing her company and they had all been let go.

This is one of my favorite stories from this crazy job and I have an enormous amount of respect for the owners of both businesses involved!”

Now let’s take a look at how people on Reddit reacted to this story.

This person said that this was JUSTICE…and it feels so good!

Then they shared a story of their own. Check it out.

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Another reader said that if you’re representing the company you work for in any way, you better be prepared to deal with the repercussions if you act like a jerk.

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Another Reddit user said that the owner definitely did the right thing by firing them. I’m with the on this one!

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And finally, another reader was pretty pleased with what went down in this story.

More of this, please!

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