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AITA for blowing up at my fiancèe for giving my FMIL our wedding coordinator’s number?

“My fiance (Edgar) is my FMIL’s (future mother in law) only son.

She is so attached to him and is excited for our wedding. We have had a relatively long engagement and we’re finally getting married soon. I’ve been trying to keep her involved as much as possible but she just kept getting further with her expectations.

She’d email me lists of questions about 5 or 6 times a week. She’d ask me the same questions over and over, expecting a different answer. When she doesn’t get a different answer, my future FIL will call me and start pushing the same thing.

It’s made me anxious and stressed out, Edgar says that she just wants to make sure the wedding is “flawless” and felt like some of the choices I made during wedding planning are…poor

She went to our former wedding coordinator and bombarded her with 10s of questions and even called her many times trying to change things we’ve already picked saying all choices made were based on 0 experience and wrong, she even pretended to be me at some point.

This caused a huge fight between us and I ended up starting all over with a new wedding coordinator and completely getting FMIL out of wedding planning process, FMIL lashed out at me for it and Edgar said that I was being too hard on his mom.

Last week I found out that he went against my wishes and gave his mom our wedding coordinator contact info and his mom ended up finding out about all our plans. I blew up at him and told him he violated my boundaries and betrayed my trust.

He said it was no big deal and that his mom genuinely means no harm even if her and I don’t agree most of the time. We had an argument and I went to stay with my dad for a few days. Edgar kept texting saying I was overreacting and that I was being to hard on him and his mom.

Am I overreacting?”

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