I personally have never understood how some people get so worked up about how much a gift costs, but folks out there are strange…as you probably already know…

And today we have a story from a woman who asked readers on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if she was wrong for buying a more expensive gift for her friend than her husband.

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AITA for buying my best friend a more expensive gift than her husband?

“So I (30F) bought my childhood best friend (also 30F) a Diamond Necklace for her 30th birthday.

It’s a special occasion and I wanted to get her something to mark the day that she can keep for a long time and one day pass on to her daughter when she’s older but her husband (32M) was upset by my gift choice. I gave him a heads up on what I was buying for her months in advance as I didn’t want to be rude and just spring that on them and I assumed I got the green light from how he reacted.

Come her birthday though when she opens my gift he proceeds to sulk and go quiet not happy at all and doesn’t want to give his gift, when she opens it, it is also a necklace with a cubic zirconia in it and i’ve never heard the end of it since about how I upstaged him and how it made him uncomfortable and “Less of a man” and my friend is even suggesting I return the necklace I got her as it’s upsetting him.

In hindsight it is perhaps insensitive of me to buy a gift like that for her when I was aware that he wouldn’t be able to exceed such a gift, it’s why I talked to him first as it’s the type of gift most people would put down to a partner buying over a friend.

So, AITA for buying a more expensive gift for her and “Upstaging” Him?”

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