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AITA for wearing sunglasses to my sister’s wedding?

“I (f26) have terrible eyesight (+5 in both eyes), meaning I have to wear glasses at all times unless I want to see the world as a blob. I’ve wore glasses since I was 7 years old.

On Friday, I was walking my dog in a nearby forest trail as I always do and lost my footing causing my glasses to fall and break, I went to buy new ones but the store told me they’d be ready by Monday.

Yesterday it was my sister’s (f30) wedding, I was attending as a normal guest (we’re not that close so i was not a maid of honor or anything) and I wore my sunglasses (with prescription) because they were the only thing I had available.

My sister threw a fit saying I was an attention seeker and was upstaging her and taking all the attention away. Yeah some close family was asking about the sunglasses but they all know i need glasses so when i explained the situation that was the end of it.

I don’t see what the big deal is… My sister knows I don’t wear contacts because I’ve always h**ed them and there’s no way I can leave my house without glasses. I took them off for all pictures but she kept saying that people were staring at me instead of her.

She ended up making a big scene during her reception (yelling and cursing at me) and i just left with my husband, since then my mother has been bothering me to apologize to my sister as after her outburst, the party had a weird feeling and was kinda ruined.

So… AITA?”

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