This is just the way I do things, but if I’m no longer dating someone, I do my best to avoid places they hang out.

But on the flip side, you can’t expect to NEVER go to a place like a restaurant that you love just because you’re done with someone, right?

Oh, who knows, I’m just rambling now…

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AITA for continuing to go to my ex-boyfriend’s favorite restaurant after we broke up?

“So when I was dating my Ex-Boyfriend he’d take me to this wonderful Korean BBQ place, it is his favourite restaurant and I love it too. We ended up breaking up in a rather messy and bad way as the relationship turned sour, I won’t play the blame game there was fault on both sides.

I wasn’t about to let a bad break up prevent me going to get food I loved though so I still visit the place from time to time, we broke up a year ago and a little while ago we ran into each other there while he was on a date with another woman, I resolved to ignore him and enjoy my food but he saw me and demanded to know what I was doing there and even asked me if I was stalking him, apparently my laughter at the very idea offended him even further and I told him he was flattering himself far too much that I just like the food there.

Some of my friends think it’s weird I continue to go here though and that it could cause further incidents if I run into him and that I should just not go here anymore as it was his first and be considerate, I think it’s ridiculous as it’s just a restaurant I happen to like, am I in the wrong here?”

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