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AITA for not giving credit to my teammates in our presentation?

“so I’m 14f and I’m in high school (year 8), anyways so we were in history when our teacher told us we had a speaking assessment.

the assessment was to make a presentation about the 9/11 disaster. I was actually excited to make a presentation about this, because I’ve been very knowledgeable about this topic since the age of 12.

the one thing I wasn’t excited about was that we had to do it in groups, and I was partnered up with 2 of my ex best friends (context: I left their friend group because they were bullying me a year ago after there was some rumor about me)

anyways, working with them was annoying. while I was actually making the presentation, giving good information, and even making the presentation look nice. the two girls did nothing. they were both on the shein website and when I told them to give me some ideas and pay attention, one of the girls started making racist “jokes” about 9/11. i was p**sed and told the teacher, and the girl got a warning, why not something worse?

we only had about a week to make this, so I worked on the presentation at home as well, after a day of extra research, finding pictures, and making the presentation look nice, I had finally finished the presentation, all by myself. they never even bothered to check up on me or look at the presentation.

on the day of the presentation, we had 10 minutes to finish up our work, the girls were on their phones like usual, I was already done so I was overlooking at peoples screens seeing what their presentation looks like, when I saw a group putting a credits slide.

this gave me the perfect idea to just credit myself, i made a last slide and just said everything was made by me. when it was my turn to present the girls did nothing but just stood next to me staring at me.

i spoke pretty well, but when we got to the last slide my teacher asked me “what did (girl 1) and (girl 2) do?” I told him that they didn’t do anything and called them out in front of the whole class explaining how they were being racist, not even bothering to look at the presentation that I made all by myself, etc. my teacher was shocked at them and actually gave them both a detention ??

about a week later, i got my results for my assessment task and I got full marks! kinda proud of myself i guess?? anyways my parents got an angry phone call from one of the girls parents and they were blaming me because the girls got a 0 on the assessment, they were making up excuses saying I lied to the teacher about them not doing anything, like the teacher even believes me .. (he saw the google slides edit history and everything was written by me)

anyways, AITA?”

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