I’ve talked to people who are adopted who feel both ways about this issue: some wanted to track down their biological parents and meet them while others had no interest whatsoever in meeting theirs.

It’s up to the individual to make that decision.

But this woman asked the readers of Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if she’s wrong for telling her sisters she doesn’t want to meet her biological parents.

Hmmm…let’s see what she had to say.

AITA for telling my biological sisters I don’t want to meet our bio parents?

“I (30F) am a Chinese woman who was adopted from Mainland China when I was a baby and grew up in the UK.

I grew curious of my roots and if I had any family out there so I took a 23andMe test, I found four full sisters through this test, i’m the oldest. My sisters are 29, 28, 24 and 20. The three middle sisters are in America and the youngest is in Germany. We have kept in contact via the internet and have even met in person twice before covid started.

I have two brothers I grew up with who are my parents biological sons and as far as i’m concerned they and my parents are my true family but I have grown close to my biological sisters as we understand each other a lot.

What my parents know of my birth story is that I was found in an alleyway in a box. My sisters were found relatively the same way from what they know though they were left outside of buildings in public areas so i’m a bit more bitter than they are about how we were abandoned as I was left out of the way where I could have been missed.

We recently got contacted by a new family member found by the test, an 18 year old full brother who lives in France with our bio parents. Apparently they moved there later in life. My biological sisters are excited by this and eager to meet them,

They want the five of us to fly out together to meet our brother and family. I’ve told them I wont stop then but I have no interest in meeting the couple who clearly kept trying to have a boy and abandoned five daughters we know of reminding them there could be more we don’t know about who haven’t used 23andme.

They feel i’m being unreasonable in this and I should at least go to meet our brother. I’m fine meeting him one day but not with them there and he and I have been exchanging emails for now.

I know they want the five of us to go out as a united front in this and me not wanting to go is disheartening for them but I honestly feel bitter in regards to this whole situation.”

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