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AITA for searching my husband’s pants without asking him first?

“Context: my husband [33] used to be unemployed for a year, he recently started a job at a warehouse.

Yesterday, and while I was about to do the laundry, I grabbed his work pants and digged my hand in it’s pockets to empty them before putting it in the washing machine like I always do.

My husband just happened to walk by and when he saw me searching his pants pockets. He rushed in yelling at me to put his pants down. I already had a folded piece of paper out but he snatched it then started screaming at me about how I have no respect for his privacy and that I shouldn’t be getting my hands on his things.

I was genuinely dumbfounded I told him to take it easy I always do this before laundry. He lashed out saying I had no right and should’ve come to him and asked him first because he was worried about important documents getting lost like the one I pulled out. I said important documents shouldn’t be inside his pockets and asked to see the paper but he said he won’t show me.

I asked why and he said I don’t get to ask him jack s**t after I disrespected his privacy. I almost laughed because what privacy does he have in pockets? It wasn’t like a stranger was digging into them.

He refused to speak to me and later brought a new closet with A LOCK and moved his clothes inside of it. I asked if he was serious and he said this will teach me to respect his privacy and deter my snooping. Then went back to not speaking to me.

I’m genuinely confused, AITA?”

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