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AITA for embarrassing my boss when he asked why I’m not back in my regular work uniform after I just gave birth?

“I just had a baby a couple of months ago, and as you can imagine, the weight doesn’t just magically disappear right away.

I work at a prestigious animal hospital and we have a strict dress code and are all required to wear matching scrubs in a very specific color. I spoke with my practice manager (we’ll call her Nicole) when I became pregnant and told her that unfortunately, they don’t make maternity scrubs in our colors.

She was very understanding and said it wasn’t a big deal. She is also understanding of the fact that I still only fit in my maternity scrubs. Today, however, my co-worker came up to me and said, “Hey, Dr. B (veterinarian/hospital owner) wanted me to ask you on his behalf why you aren’t wearing your uniform within our dress code.”

My co-worker knows the reason why, but the doctor kind of forced her to be his little messenger anyways. I could tell she was embarrassed to ask me. I think it’s pretty obvious considering I still look like I’m pregnant.

I stepped into the hallway and confronted Dr. B and said, “In case you’re wondering why I’m not dressed like everyone else, it’s because I’m still too fat to squeeze into regular clothes.” I was partially joking but also annoyed that I even had to explain myself. He seemed really embarrassed and caught off guard that I confronted him face to face about it.

But also, I was really embarrassed that he felt the need to bring up something with an obvious explanation and then drag my co-worker into it as well. Not only that, but my practice manager (Nicole) is well aware that I can only fit in maternity clothing still.

AITA for the way I handled this situation? Should I had just kept to myself and not say anything to him?”

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