Imagine if your parents asked you if they could bring their “special friend” to your wedding

You’d probably be a little bit pi**ed off, right?


And this woman asked the fine folks on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if she was out of line for not letting her parents bring their throuple partner to her wedding.

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AITA for excluding my parents’ throuple partner from my wedding?

“I (27F) was raised by my maternal grandparents. My parents (M46, F56) are “free spirits” that didn’t want to settle down and raise a child.

Whatever. I saw them every few months when they would come by. Eventually they stopped coming. I didn’t miss them. My grandmother and grandfather were my parents.

I am getting married in March and my invitations have all gone out. I invited my parents as guests. They are not part of the wedding or anything like that. I wasn’t going to invite them but my grandfather asked me to please let my bio mom be a part of my day.

About a week ago I spoke with my bio dad. He wants a plus one on their invitation. I have not seen him in years so I thought maybe they had another kid and hadn’t mentioned it.

Nope. Apparently him and my mother have a man in his 30s that is a part of their relationship.

While neither myself or my fiance are particularly religious, and I have no objections to polygamous relationships in general, I would prefer not to have to deal with that at my wedding.

I told him that he and my mother were invited as a courtesy and that they had no parental privileges for me to consider. He said that excluding their partner was mean and that he wouldn’t have left me with my grandparents if he knew they were going to raise me to be prejudiced.

I have spoken with my grandparents about this. Both sets. Nobody knew anything about this. So it seems that they were going to use my wedding to introduce this guy to the families.

I called him back and was very firm. I told him that I have spoken with my wedding coordinator and made sure that no uninvited guests come to my wedding.

Since we are having the reception at a resort hotel in my city they have security. I also spoke with the manager and explained that I might have uninvited guests trying to get into my wedding reception. He said that security would escort anyone like that off the property and call the cops if needed.

All of this was relayed to my parents. Now they are complaining to everyone. I am dealing with it by telling everyone who calls me to fight for them exactly why I am excluding the person they want to bring.

I just talked to my mother and she screamed at me for telling people her private business.


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