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AITA for getting upset my BF wouldn’t take me to the ER?

“My boyfriend (M 20) and I (F 21) live together at my parents. I have been having some pretty bad UTI symptoms and went to a walk in clinic 2 weeks ago when I had clear signs of a uti and they sent me home and said I tested negative.

I woke up a week later with extreme hip pain. I spent all day on a heating pad and crying. 2 more days pass and then I woke up with the worst abdominal pain I’ve ever had. I begin screaming and call my mom. She says to wake up my boyfriend and tell him to take me to the nearby hospital (7 min) that is small, or one that’s 35 minutes away that would properly handle what was going on. I wake him up and he says just sleep it off.

At this point I’m in tears. He says no and alludes that I’m overreacting (which I’ve been known to do) and it’s probably nothing because I tested neg. I feel as if I’ve been stabbed and this is not the type of pain I can wait out. I even compare how I’m feeling to a possible bladder rupture because of how awful I felt.

Finally he agrees to take me, but only if I let him sleep for 2 more hours. I understand that if it was some ungodly time, but it was currently 11:30 am , and he went to bed at 3 am after playing video games.

I explain that I can’t wait that long and have no one else home to drive me. He turns over and lays back down. An hour goes by of the worst pain of my life and I decide I will just try to suck it up and drive myself to the nearby ER. I woke him up one more time and I explained that I cannot wait any longer and need to go now because something is wrong.

He snaps and says give him one more hour and lays back down. I storm off in my car and make it about 2 blocks before I realize I forgot my wallet and I was in no state to drive, as I was literally in so much pain I couldn’t focus. I come home and lay down in bed beside him as I scream out in pain. He says that I know it takes time for him to wake up and I have no right to get mad. I barely utter out please take me to the one 7 minutes away because I’m scared.

I remind him that I’ve driven 2 hours at 3 am on no sleep just to pick him up from the hospital and spent the whole summer helping him recover from his injury including bathing and wiping him because he needed me. He argues some more then FINALLY at 2:30 pm takes me to the hospital 7 minutes away.

It turns out I had an advanced UTI and infection in my bladder and kidneys as well as a kidney stone that was infected. I felt bad as I recalled my attitude that morning but I was in a LOT of pain. I do recall saying things like “fine just don’t help then” and “you’re being a d**k” in rebuttal to his attitude.

Am I the a**hole?”

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