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AITA for unpacking my GF’s towel?

“I (31M) and my gf (25F) have been dating for about 2 years.

My GF has beautiful hair that seems a lot more low maintenance than most women I know. She doesn’t use all a hundred different hair products, nor does she blow dry it. It honestly doesn’t take her long to style her hair or anything. However, she always insist on using this special towel to dry her hair.

She insists that she can’t use any regular towel for her hair. She gets mad if I use her hair towel as a regular towel too. She says that the towel should only be used for hair. She even bought an extra one of these towels that she keeps in her drawer at my place. She also takes the towel with her when she goes on vacation.

I usually don’t mind it, since the towel doesn’t take up much space, and it better than listening to a hair dryer all the time. But it’s a bit weird because I don’t know anyone else who has a towel just for their hair.

For Thanksgiving, we travelled to see my family. Before the trip, I asked my GF to leave her towel at home since we’ll be staying at my parents’ house. I didn’t want my family to think she was weird or make fun of her.

Since we planned to leave early in the morning, GF spent the night at my place. I noticed that she packed the towel she kept at my place in her suitcase. When she was asleep, I took the towel out. She didn’t notice the towel was gone until after we got to my parent’s house.

I thought it was okay, and my GF didn’t seem mad at all during the whole trip. However, when we got back at my place, my GF got into her car and drove off without saying goodbye. She texted me later saying she’s mad at me because of that stupid towel and she needs some space. I keep calling and texting her, but she won’t respond.

My friends think she’s being overly dramatic, but my GF isn’t that type of person. Now I’m wondering if I messed up. AITA?”

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