There’s no crying during childbirth!

Well, actually, sure there is…which is why this story is pretty interesting.

Take a look at this tale from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on AskReddit and see what happened between a wife, a husband, and some serious waterworks in the delivery room.

AITA for kicking my husband out of the delivery room after he started crying?

“My husband Kevin (M31) and I (F27) welcomed our first baby a week ago. Kevin is the type of person that gets stressed out easily and react to events negatively.

We’ve had conversations about his ability to handle being the delivery room. I said if he couldn’t be there it was fine seeing how he reacts under pressure and can have mom there instead. He said he could 100% handle anything and promised to be supportive and positive.

I went into labor alone, he met me at the hospital and when he entered the d room he looked so stressed out and overwhelmed already. he started moving around periodically completely ignoring me. He got more visibly stressed when my pain got intense.

He took my hand when I started having contractions and kept clutching it almost stopping blood circulation. my entire arm went numb I felt strained and although I was in intense pain I saw his face, It was so red and there was a visible vain in his forehead that looked like it was about to blow up.

It was not helpful at all, In fact, it was frustrating and affected my emotions negatively. But still, I was willing to suck it up then suddenly he started crying, like literally…sobbing really loud. This sent me into full panic mood.

I found myself screaming telling him to stop several times and as a result he literally yelled back in my ear. The nurse got involved I told her to get him out of there. He tried to argue with me but wasn’t given a chance and was pressured to leave the room.

I didn’t see him afterwards, after our daughter was born. And while I was resting he didn’t show up. His mom kept calling to see where he was. she stayed with me and I haven’t seen him til the day I was discharged. We had a big fight at home.

He kept lashing out when I said how bad it was for him to ghost me when I needed him. he said I shouldn’t expect him to stick around after cruelly and selfishly kicked him out the room and robbed him an opportunity to see our daughter’s first breathes.

I explained he was causing me to panic with how he was crying but he accused me of making up excuses and I was purly at fault for kicking him out and getting the staff to gang up on him no matter how hard I try to spin it.

He said as a dad he should have liberty to be in the room no matter how he behaves and wether I like it or not. I got tired of arguing I told him to stop and he said he will but will never forget what I’ve cost him that day then walked out.

I was so mad and took time to cool off then when I unpacked my bag I found a small box that contained a necklace with our daughter’s name.

I felt awful knowing Kevin left it for me to wear at the hospital but the argument happened and he spent the entire time in the car in the hospital’s parking lot.”

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